Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Goddess Does Not Permit Hard Feelings

This is an update on the nasty post below about my uncle. Actually it's a short treatise on the Mysteries of Queen Brighid the Bright.

After finishing the post, I went downstairs (stone cold sober) to do more housework. Then I decided to call my mother-in-law, who just had knee surgery two weeks ago.

Except the number I called (stone cold sober) was the family farm in the mountains.

And my cousin picked up.

I was so confused hearing a male voice that I hung up. Then I realized what I'd done.

I still called my mother-in-law, but she didn't answer. So I called the family farm again. Cousin picked up again. I asked about his dad. He said, "Wanna talk to him?" I said yeah, and in an instant Foggy was on the line.

We had a nice chat, as always dominated by him, but he's okay and in no mortal peril. I may go to see him this summer and time my visit conveniently for "drum and splash" at Four Quarters Farm.

That way, when he starts ranting on the wonders of Rush Limbaugh, I can seek out my own people, skinny-dip a little, and commune with the Goddess Who Does Not Permit Hard Feelings.



Sarita said...

Brighid is wonderful. :)

Maebius said...

I think everyone has "the uncle" like that, in various degrees, with similar sundry details. Mine was the apple of my eye, until he divorced my aunt and went off with some other woman (now older, it was the right thing... complicated as all families are!)
I never forgave him.
I still talk on holidays, and remember all the fun times and how "cool" he was to my pre-teen self, and only within the past few years relegated my thoughts on the situation as you had. cordial and family, but not entirely friends. I will miss him when he passes on though.

Oh, and I'll be at Drum and Splash too! I missed it last year, and think I'll skip Starwood for the smaller more intimate festivals like at 4-quarters farm! Maybe I'll see ya there (or FairieFest around Mayday).