Monday, September 17, 2007

You Can Write on It and Still Spend It!

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Sunday's Washington Post had an article about atheists and about how many people have abandoned Christianity since 9/11. Apparently one by-product of the Islamic terrorism attacks has been to make thinking people question The Big I-Am, if you know who I mean.

We at "The Gods Are Bored" endorse that, of course! We just don't think atheism is the only answer. Polytheism works just as well, or better. No one has ever been heard saying, "I slay thee in the name of Fintan, the Salmon of Wisdom." And, if indeed there are heavens out there in the great beyond, Fintan's swimming along in one of them, happy as a ... well ... a salmon.

The Washington Post article said that some atheists have gone so far as to ink out "In God We Trust" on their money.

Now, here's an awesomely splendid idea! Except let's tweak it a little.

Today I pulled out my wallet, extracted the four lousy dollars I had to my name, and added an "s" to "In God We Trust." All my money now says "In GodS We Trust!"

What a wonderful way to honor all those bored gods who wish they could work at the U.S. mint just to get the government pension!

If you get a dollar bill that says "In GodS We Trust," you'll know it came from the hand of Anne Johnson. Or better yet, click your Bic and join the party! DIY!

Especially if you live in Kansas.

(I'm still laughing at the thought of an immortal deity pulling a government pension. Then again, no government lasts forever ... but it might be a fun ride for awhile!)


jarjar_head said...

Anne: I think that a good portion of Atheists would say that Atheism is the only (logical) answer. To an Atheist, belief without verifiable proof is simply absurd. There are two basic types of Atheists: Those who have an active disbelief, and those who simply have a lack of belief. To an Atheist, theism is theism. It doesn't matter if it is monotheism, polytheism, or henotheism. You will find however that most Atheists will be willing to reexamine their beliefs if presented with new information. I doubt however that it would pass the critical inquiry most Atheists demand.

To provide some background, I consider myself an Atheist.

On another note: If I remember correctly, under U.S. law (I'm a Canadian) the phrase "In God We Trust" can be obscured on a bill if the possessor finds it offensive. However, you are not allowed to alter the phrase in any way or write your own phrase on the bill.

BBC said...

First.... Atheism is a religion also.

Second.... Send one of your dollar bills to

Billy B Cook
173 Avis St.
Port Angeles, Wa.

Um, where was I? They will never accept many gods on this planet, just look at history when there where many gods.

Good idea, it just won't pan out is all. I know that you mean well but mark my words, it won't work.

Not until we collectively accept that we are god in evolution and work to make this planet what it should be. Hugs.

jarjar_head said...

For BBC: According to the dictionary, yes Atheism could be considered a religion. However, many Atheists don't consider Atheism a religion because it does not have the dogma, doctrine, or hierarchy that characterizes most religions.

Further, not all dictionaries agree on the definition of 'Atheist.'

Anti-thesisofreason said...

I lean toward the Discordian line of thinking so I have a tendency to put FNORD on the bills in my pocket.

Anne Johnson said...

I've never heard the law about altering the phrase or writing your own. I've seen dollar bills with every kind of writing on them, most especially phone numbers. I've also seen Pres. Washington done up with devil horns.

Tennessee Jed said...

Anne, since you mentioned several things in this post, I hope you have already seen this movie it is long but worth it.

Paste this in your browser and enjoy!

alex fyodorov said...

dear anne
the only god i trust is dick cheney.
4 more years. no, let's make that eternity.

alex fyodorov said...

by the way, anne, if you like appalachian fiddle music, you should check out alan jabbour.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

If you get a dollar bill that says "In GodS We Trust," you'll know it came from the hand of Anne Johnson.

And if any of you all ever get a bill with a picture of Captain Jean Luc Picard on the back with the phrase: "In Batman, we trust" on it- you'll know it came from Elvis Drinkmo.

I'm sorry, but I just can't worship a god who doesn't wear a utility belt full of cool toys or know how to command a Galaxy-class starship.

ronan said...

If atheism is a religion, then not-collecting-stamps is a hobby.

You are allowed to write on US currency, and not only to remove an offensive religious statement. AFAIK (IANAL) there are only two restrictions to writing on currency: no advertising (FTC restriction rather than Treasury), and you must not be attempting "fraud" (ie elevating the face value, duplicating a printing mistake to pass-off as rare).

kayakdave said...

I have been obliterating "god" on bills and coins for years. With coins it's tough to do as you need to be careful to not bend the coin. I don't fool around though, I obliterate.
I used to be a catholic, then I was nothing, now I'm an athiest- but I'm not sure. :-)

yellowdog granny said...

as soon as I post this comment I am jerking out my purse..snatching up my money and writing in Goddess for in God We Trust..thanks for the great idea...