Thursday, September 27, 2007

In Which Anne Introduces her Daemons, with an Assist from J. Scott

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored." We like gods. We like goddesses. We like sacred animals. We like pecan pie.

Do you have a daemon? Note the spelling. A daemon is an animal totem that goes with you everywhere and is a central part of your personality. If you think this is nutsy fagan, you should read the "His Dark Materials" trilogy by Philip Pullman. In alternate universes, people can actually see their daemons.

Put your thinking cap on. Imagine what Anne's daemon is. Oh gosh, what a tough one!

Anne actually has two daemons. Both are turkey vultures. Their names are Buzzy and Clem.

A fellow Appalachian Greens scribe named J. Scott has had the novel idea of soliciting characters and genres and then writing stories based upon them. So, just to be cantankerous ... err ... cheeky, I submitted characters Buzzy and Clem, vultures, and asked her to make it funny.

Bless his/her (I think her) soul, J. Scott has never met Buzzy and Clem, but she nailed them pretty doggoned good. (Except for them not liking dead skunk, it's their personal favorite.)

So first I'll let J. Scott tell you about Buzzy and Clem, and then maybe I'll elaborate on them a little bit. That way, the three or four of you who think I'm sane will know beyond doubt that I'm a wicki-wacky-wackadoo.

J. Scott's awesome tale of Buzzy and Clem is here.

Thanks, J.! Made my day!


wordwitch said...

Hey there....I don't remember the name o fmy daemon...I wrote it down a while ago....but I do remember he was a Jackal! Which is kinda neat, considering I mostly connect with Wolves.

Blessed be,

yellowdog granny said...

my daemon's names are husband #1, husband #2 and that third asshole I married....