Friday, September 28, 2007

Blaming It on the Faeries

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" on another Friday football night! My daughter The Heir is ready to suit up in her synthetic fur and her great big Wombat head and go out and dance through four quarters of football. It's great to be young.

Two nights ago my daughter The Spare saw a ghost in our basement. He's the first ghost we've ever had here. The house is 75 years old, and one would expect a ghost or two to be poking around.

This ghost was a scary man with spiky white hair, dressed in old-fashioned clothing from the 1930s. He told The Spare that "hard times" are coming.

Last night The Spare picked up the picture frame she made at our past weekend Druid event. It slipped from her hands and shattered. Simultaneously, The Heir, in the next room, watched as a lamp on the mantelpiece fell over, breaking a glass picture frame.

This is not Casper, apparently.

I know from some previous neighbors that our house once had a larger yard that was subdivided in the Great Depression so that the residents of our house could pay their property taxes. So my theory is that this ghost was a resident of this house at that time. His dire warning could apply both to our family (or to any middle-class family in the Bush era). Or it could apply to his own circumstances back in the day.

I ain't fraid of no ghosts. But this gent has some properties that might lead to the staining of my upholstery.

Usually I wear at least one of my faeries to school, but last night I scattered them through the house. Puck went to The Spare's bedroom and is sitting by her bed. Princess is on the altar to Queen Brighid the Bright. Aine is on the mantel.

Today Mr. Johnson called a friend of ours who is a psychic. This psychic is also a Christian, which doesn't diminish her in my opinion at all. However, she thinks I think lowly of her. Which I don't. I wanted her advice on the ghost. (She knows I'm a Pagan.)

The psychic said that my faeries have drawn this bad ghosty dude into the house, that it was bound to happen sooner or later, because some faeries are good and some are bad, and I've attracted bad faeries.

I've read about faeries. I know what bad faeries do. I mean, really bad faeries. They've been accused, rightly, of evil deeds. But nowhere have I ever read that they lure ghosts into your house. And it's a rare faerie who is human-sized. Some of them are, but not many.

I've had my faerie Princess since 2003, Puck since Christmas of 2005 (he was a surprise gift), and Aine for about six months. I have two faerie balls hanging in my house, both of which have been in residence since late 2004/early 2005. I bought a faerie ball that turned out to have a very powerful faerie in it, so I sent her to Scott. He seems to get along with her fine.

Bad faeries? I've had a few. But something in me bristles when a psychic who says I think she's a "God Person" blames the spirits of my faith when a ghost wanders in whose provenance can be established.

Well, there's a beautiful cool breeze blowing right now, and it's almost game time. So I'm going to throw some plastic slipcovers over my precious furniture and go watch a mascot.

If anyone of my wonderful readers has a theory on how or why this ghost has snuck in, please share. Go ahead and tell me if you agree with the psychic. We're all about inclusion here at "The Gods Are Bored!"


Hecate said...

I don't think the faeries drew the ghost. Ghosts just are. This ghost is trying to give you good advice, as hard as it knows how. Do you read Tarot? I'd do a tarot reading and invite the ghost to use the cards to tell me what it wanted me to know.

Love and light to you and yours.

J. Scott said...

Thanks for the really nice post you left about my story. It was very nice to see someone liking my work. By the way you were right I am a she and although I don't have a daemon I do have a spirit animal, of a snow white cat.

Luna said...

If you've been working with the faeries, then only you can know what kind of "agreement" you might have with them concerning such things. I would be hesitant about the psychic's advice on that point. But it does sound creepy -- wouldn't want it in my house.

Kitsune said...

The sidhe (said shee aka fae or faries as theyv'e come to be known) were often family protectors in Celtic folklore, I don't think yours are any different and just do like you did..ask them to protect and guard. Ghosts and spirits have agendas of their own though... I remedy that's worked for me has always been a good sprinkling of salt inside and outside the perimeter of the house and small stones of citrine in the windows and above the doors. Focus on the basement since that's where the ghost was seen and simply tell it to move on. Not welcome...bye ya. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and I hope that everything works out well. non-mortal beings all vary...just like mortal ones and most of them can be handled with simple actions.

Brandon said...

Long time reader... First time commenter... I think that for the psychic, fairies draw in ghosts because that's the lens she uses when viewing the world. A lot of people have a different user interface for the same operating system. My thoughts on the origins of the ghosts and why it's not appearing until now. Latent energy of your children. Poltergeist activity is usually tied to adolescent or teenage children. I would say that this spirit would have attempted to manifest before but did not have the proper energy. Everyone leaves finger prints everywhere they go, some greasier than others. Then it just takes the right amount of spiritual/psychic/whatever energy as the finger print dust to make it more apparent. Just a thought, I could be totally off. Some times it's best to strip it down to the basics.

Anne Johnson said...

Thank you, Brandon, for the interesting comment! Indeed, The Spare is an adolescent and has always been anxious, a light sleeper, etc.

Interrobang said...

I was a total poltergeist myself at that age. It passes. In the meantime, I'd try putting down salt, casting a ward, and maybe smudging the house with something nice-smelling. Putting something nice-smelling in The Spare's room could help, too.

yellowdog granny said...

stay away from the light...stay away from the light....

the goddess says it's not the faries...the ghost is predicting football outcomes...

Anonymous said...

No theory, but I would cleanse the house, and, then politely tell Mr. Ghost that he is dead and that it's time to cross over. Or, I suppose you could have the conversation and then cleanse. I like bonging a Tibetan singing bowl, lighting candles, drumming and the like for cleansing as I have a sensitivity to heavy sage-ing.

Good luck.