Monday, September 03, 2007

Bring it On

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" If you're just joining us for the first time, here's the nut graph: All gods and goddesses are welcome, respected, and served first at the buffet. This maximizes Anne's chances of having more fun after death than she has had before it.

I'm a true omni-theist who attended Saturday's Pagan Pride Day with my Druid Grove while still nodding respectfully to the Muslims and the Old Order Mennonites. (PPD in Philly was held at a lovely urban park which was also hosting a flea market, a farmer's market, and some kind of weird thing where about 100 boys ran amok swatting each other with foam lances.)

I love buzzards. Always have, always will. It's my philosophy that if you look at anything close-up enough, it will become beautiful in your sight. Go ahead, study a turkey vulture and see if I'm not right.

Tomorrow I begin another long-term substitute teaching position at Billy Bob Agricultural Technical School. For the munificent sum of $100 a day, I must prepare for and teach four separate classes. They are: Workplace Readiness (seniors), Office -- Career and Leadership Development -- Keyboarding (freshmen). Except for Keyboarding, this is a classic case of "those who can't do, teach." I haven't worked in an office since 1987. And if I knew the Ps and Qs of workplace readiness, wouldn't I have a real job? The staff of BBATS didn't think I was properly qualified to teach writing. Better hone those skills.

Did you hear? Miracles happen. The mighty Michigan Wolverines got beaten by the humble Appalachian State Mountaineers! Wow, I would have loved to have watched that football game, but Spare and I were at Pagan Pride Day.

Also ... a Wiccan dude won the mega-million lottery! I just read it in the newspaper. At least we know that 10 percent of that payout won't go to the Mormon church!

I'm gonna be a busy beaver, readers, but this little weblog is an important part of my day. So stop by. Read my posts. Laugh a little. Partake of the big, broad, flexible outlook, and see if it doesn't cure that pesky case of athlete's foot.


Anonymous said...

Reading you is an important part of my day! Hang in there, Sister!


Interrobang said...

Good luck with your new job. Don't let the marking get you down.

If you need some help with the "workplace readiness" thing, give me a holler in the comments at my blog, or at shgstewart at gmail dot com. :)

mama kelly said...

Congratulations on the long-term substitute job. I know it isnt what you had hoped for though.

I also read about the Wiccan mega-millions winner and was thrilled about it.

Mama Kelly

Tennessee Jed said...

I like you Anne, you're not like all the other folks here in the trailer park!

Best wishes on your endeavors.

Rosie said...

Hey Anne!

I was going through my Cherokee Tales today and ran across the legend of Why the Buzzard's Head is Bare...and immediately thought of you.

Glad you found a bit of gainful-ish employment. Of course you aren't qualified to teach writing...what, being a writer and all. That would make way too much sense.

alex fyodorov said...

congrats, Anne, rubles are rubles. i once heard a bus driver talk about how happy he was to have a job. it didn't matter to him what job it was. as long as he was working, he was happy.

alex fyodorov said...

buddydon said...

i hope ye find sumbidy that kin preciate yer ritin, witch tiz sum grate stuff that i try to read ever day. as fer teachin, tiz a shame whut they thank ye kin teach n whut they thank ye caint! wunder whut they wood say ifn ye had a best seller? i bet ye gut at lease one in ye!

Thomas said...

The thing with the foam lances is called LARPing. I did a lot of it in high school before I discovered sex and avoiding arrest.

Anne Johnson said...

Yeah, it did look like a pre-sex kind of ritual. Gotta do something with that mojo.