Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wombat, Red Oak, Black Oak, Monkey Man

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Over 1 billion deities served! Those golden arches may lead you to a heaven without a single jealous god!

We at "The Gods Are Bored" are facing four very busy days, so we may be away for awhile. If you're new to our site, you may enjoy our various interviews with "Mr. Applegate," which is what Satan likes to call himself. They're in the archives.

1. Friday night marks the second home football game of the Snobville Fighting Wombats, which means my daughter The Heir will suit up in her fur and strut till the Gatorade runs dry.

2. Saturday the daughters and I are driving to New Jersey's famed Pine Barrens for a Druid get-together with the Red Oak Grove. It's an all-day event with a twilight ritual. We will be guests of this Grove. Am looking forward to it.

3. Sunday is the Alban Elued ritual with my regular Grove, now in the process of changing names, but I'll just call them the Black Oak Grove. We meet in a beautiful park and are getting to know each other, which is a great thing.

4. Monday, it's back into the wild and unpredictable realm of the Monkey Man! He disappears in the summertime. The last time I saw him I worked four puppets in a show he'd written, including a crow that made the most hilarious "caw caw caw," which I bilked for all it was worth. The Heir and I are eager to see our friend and hear his latest poetry and hug that funky monkey who sometimes disappears but never forever.

If you want me to seek blessings for you at any or all of these rituals, please leave a comment stating:

Your name
Your deity or deities
Your favorite football team (Friday Wombat Nite only)
Your favorite poem (Monkey Man Nite only)

(pictured above ... sigh ...)


Hecate said...

Please have a very blessed Alban Elued. Here we go, into the dark, will we or nill we, ready or not. I'll be w/ my circle, celebrating Mabon, being grateful for what we've harvested and thinking about what we'd like to emerge from the dark, six months from now, clutched to our breasts.

mama kelly said...

May the turning of the wheel bring you and yours many blessings.

Mama Kelly

PS If you could include my name in your ritual I would be appreciative.

Anne Johnson said...

Done, Mama! And say, Red Oak Grove is a NJ Grove, so maybe it's not too far from you and yours!

kayakdave said...

Man from Nantuckett.

Raevyn said...

A bless├Ęd Alban Elued to you and the girls. If the ritual turns to Morrighan for anything please include my name in there... dark Goddess or not, she always seems to be there for me, good or bad coming :)

BBC said...

Your name
Your deity or deities
Your favorite football team (Friday Wombat Nite only)
Your favorite poem (Monkey Man Nite only)

Billy B Cook
My favorite deity is myself so say whatever blessings you like about me.
Football, *rolls eyes*, it's just a monkeys game and I don't watch it.
My favorite poem? Hum, tough call, but I like 'Trees'.

Not that I believe some omnipotent christian God made trees. Only the Goddess of nature could make a tree, God just cuts them down to build things with, and to build fires to stay warm with.

yellowdog granny said...

Goddess bless you my child...

BBC needs serious meds

Anne Johnson said...

Granny, I gotta say about BBC that there are lots of people who think they're god who try to make other people think they're god so as to get money out of them. So Billy's at least a benign god supporting himself, not like ahem Reverend Moon ahem or some others.

Anonymous said...

that is a gorgeous picture of my hometown. can't wait to see you at faerieCon!