Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our President Is a Moron

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," devising creative headlines each and every day! Have you ever heard anything as self-evident as "Our President Is a Moron?"

When it comes to protest marches, we at "The Gods Are Bored" generally cringe under rocks. We're of an age to have protested the Vietnam War -- and we did, in spirit. But out there with signs and slogans? Naah. The good ol' ancestors got their asses whupped in the Whiskey Rebellion, and since then the family policy has been to lay low and whine inside our own four walls.

Therefore we did not attend the September 15 march in Washington against the Iraq "war." Nor are we brave enough to hang awesome signs like the Freeway Blogger.

However, we do have a policy regarding the ousting of brutal dictators by superpower nations. It is similar to our policy on bored gods.

If we go after one brutal dictator, such as Saddam Hussein, then we ought to go after each and every brutal dictator and genocidal regime in the world, including not a few in Africa. Selecting to go after the brutal dictator who happened to be sitting on a motherlode of crude oil reeks of unfair selectivity.

But the sign says it all. I hope the Freeway Blogger doesn't mind my use of it. If he (or she) sues me, all he (or she) will get is a totaled car and a couple of kittens from the pound.


Aquila ka Hecate said...

Yes- we have enough brutal dictators on this continent to keep Bush busy for a few lifetimes- if going after brutal dictators was where he was coming from.
None of our brutal dictators is, as you pointed out, sitting on barrels of oil.Nigeria hasn't got so much a brutal dictator as a brutal population, who gaily kill each other in the name of Jesus or Allah every day.
Zimbabwe now- ah, poor, beautiful Zimbabwe. All it used to have was enough productive farmers to feed a sizeable slice of Africa.

Terri in (non-brutal-but-deeply-stupidly-governed)Joburg

Thomas said...

Not to be really crass here, but if we were actually reaping some economic benefit from the ocean of crude oil in the nation we toppled, I wouldn't feel quite so bad.

I was an opponent of the Iraq action from the beginning and most of my predictions have come true but I did actually buy into that use Iraq's oil wealth to pay for restructuring and boost the US economy to boot idea. We didn't get that.

I'm not saying it would make it okay but if we were paying less than a buck fifty for gas it would soothe my feelings down to simmering fury rather than the current state of white hot rage.

Athana said...

anne, I didn't get to that DC march either, but I'm with you: liars who aren't very clever at lying irritate me in the extreme.

Hecate said...

My wonderful circle of witches marched.

More marches planned for late Sept. and late October.

Come on down to my beautiful city and exercise the right that so many patriots died to give you: the right of the people to peaceably assemble.

yellowdog granny said...

I wish our fellow countrymen/women had the balls/ overthrow our very own president dufus..if i thought anyone would go with me..i'd go to the crawford compound (which is right down the road from me...well..40-50 miles..which is right down the road in texas)...and drag his ass out of the house all the way to the texas/arkansas border and leave him there for the buzzards..

Anne Johnson said...

As the outlaw Josey Wales said, "Buzzards gotta eat." They are not picky.