Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Navel-Gazing: Skip This

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored." Toddle along to my next post so I can navel-gaze, ok?

I dreamed last night that I was home at the family farm in the mountains. My daughters and my sister were there too. My sister, though only five years younger, is a fitness buff. She wanted to take a hike with my kids.

I decided to be lazy and stay behind. But after a few minutes I felt guilty for being so lazy. I got up and started down one of the overgrown but still usable paths on the property. The woods were cool and beautiful, deep and dark.

But suddenly I came out into a clearing. A huge housing development had been built there, one of those ugly ones where every house is the same and the lawns are all sodded and watered and the shrubbery all comes from Home Depot.

I stood in agony looking at this devastation.

There were some children playing in one of the well-groomed yards. They were all dressed exactly alike. (Remember, this is a dream.)

They said to me, "Oh, you came from out of the forest! Do you live up there in the woods?"

I said yes.

They said, "Oh, you must know all about the mountains, then!"

And I said: "I do, and the knowledge will die with me."

I turned around and walked back into the woods, and woke up miserable. I'm still miserable now, so I have to write something funny to perk myself up.

312 Johnson Road
Artemas, PA 17211


Athana said...

Woooo-eeee! Ouch. What do you make of this dream? Do you think it's about Big, Fat Coal? (I.e., the Ugly Coal Industry.)

Is your fitness-buff sister the mega-church sister? My mega-church sister is a also a fitness buff. Actually, her church isn't really a mega-church I discovered recently. It is, however, located in a mega-building -- an old discount store. Wal-Mart size. They try hard, but even with a sanctuary, a daycare center, 5 rooms for babies & toddlers, a library, a bookstore and a million offices, they still only manage to use the space in 1/4 of the building.

I had the pleasure of visiting this establishement in June, when I went home for a visit.

Anne Johnson said...

I'll bet that was a pleasant interlude for you.

buddy don said...

twernt no dream ye had but a nite mare. sad thang is, we all been havin that same nite mare all over this cuntry.

Athana said...