Monday, June 26, 2006

Sun Strength

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we think one is no fun and many are dandy!

Some enterprising culture dragged huge stones hundreds of miles, carved them carefully, fitted them together, and made Stonehenge, the awesome calendar monument that has spanned cultures and millennia.

Are the creators of Stonehenge in hell? Gosh, how doggone fair would that be?

We won't bog this entry down with multiple examples.

The Johnson family conducted a simple Solstice ceremony in our backyard. We created a henge from lawn gnomes. We've done it before. We call it "Gnomehenge." I'll try to get a picture before the gnomes disappear back into the underbrush.

I was rather bummed by Summer Solstice, because it marks the beginning of shorter days. But yesterday I attended a helpful service of Llyn Hydd Grove, where the leader reminded us that the sun now begins to be at its most powerful and shines its beneficial rays onto the crops that sustain us.

And boy oh boy, did I need to hear the message that this is a good time to harness that sun-power and begin new projects! I hope that fact, coupled with tonight's dark of the moon, works some good karma, goat-judging wise.

County Fair season is nigh upon us, and I wanna judge goats! How long can the international conglomerate Amalgamated Goat, LLC. extend its iron grip on the goat-judging business? When will little 4-Hers long for the personal touch again?

One more word about Llyn Hydd Grove. The first time I went there, it seemed to take an eternity. This time I had a companion in the car, and the drive breezed by. I'm sure you can understand that concept.

Back to Gnomehenge.

Virtually the very moment my family assembled within its sacred, grinning concrete boundaries and begun saluting the Gods and Goddesses of the Four Corners, my next-door-neighbor came outside to water her tomato plants. The look on her face was American Express priceless.

As these little family ceremonies are often infused with mirth, we all cracked up. You see, the bored gods and goddesses don't expect you to be serious all the time, or to just politely chuckle at some sermon joke. They want you to immerse yourself in joy, so that when you fly off West you're ready for the good times!

In the name of Danu and Bile, I wish you the power of the essential sunshine!

Our operators are standing by to take your call.



Autumn said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun. To bad you didn't get a picture of the neighbors face. I bet it was priceless. I am still wishing I had photos of the first time I Warded the area where I lived (this was at an apartment)on Samhain. Just before midnight I put on my black cloak, and headed out with salt. Apparently one of my neighbors couldn't sleep because he was sitting on his patio smoking a cigarette. I can only imagine what he thought.Hmmm midnight, Halloween, Witches cloak...I still laugh.
I am looking forward to see the gnomehenge photos.
Great post

Hecate said...

Oh, man. You should see the looks on my next door neighbor's face when the witches come over and celebrate in my back yard. What's really funny is that she just can't figure out what such a NICE old lady is doing with such WEIRD people in her yard.

Rush Limbaugh appears to have been arrested for possession of more illegal drugs.

Who can doubt that there IS a goddess?

buddy don said...

laffter has to be one of them gods gratest blessins, assumin they give such to us n not vice a versa.

i shore do hope we git to see them pitchers of gnomehenge sumtime!