Monday, May 01, 2006

A Blessed Beltane To All!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" So I guess you've heard of The Great I Am. How about The Great We Are? Frolic with the bored gods, they'll be so glad of the attention that you'll feel sunshine in your soul!

Today is Beltane, sacred holiday celebrating the abundant fruitfulness of the earth. Love is in the air! Don't believe me? You should see the pine pollen on my front porch.

Welcome to May, that maketh a man to love,
And girls in a ring, with those we're lovers of,
Make yourself lovely for love with roses in May!
Welcome the spring with wildwood banner gay!

Appropriate picture below, by the incomparable artist Seitou.



Autumn said...

Blessed Beltaine to you too!!

olive said...

Blessed Beltane! You're right about the lovely weather here on the East Coast. Here in MD all the ragweeds in bloom, but at least so's all the dogwood and the ferns are out in force. Cheers!

Raevyn said...

Bless├Ęd Beltane! (ack, one day late)

buddy don said...

the grate 'we are.' i jes luv thatn.