Monday, May 08, 2006

Going to Hell Is So Much Fun!

Welcome, Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" This is an early picture of the fabulous Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm! Alas, now memory. It occurred this past weekend.

My goodness gracious, what a wonderful day. Who ever would have thought that one sky-blue weekend would follow another?

Awhile back I took a hike with my sister. She showed me her digital camera and explained how easy it was to use. Then she started pressing buttons like some NASA astronaut, and if what she wanted to do was show me how easy it was, the effect was the polar opposite. I felt I could never learn how to use that thing unless I got sent to hell with it and had all eternity to figure it out.

So we'll have to wait for the nice Kodak people to send us the floppy disk in order to see Anne's personal shots.

In the meantime, we're sure these gorgeous dudes won't mind posing, because they were there last Saturday and let Anne take their pics.

As soon as Anne's pictures return from Rite-Aid (NEVER Wal-Mart), we'll commence "Faerie Festivals for Dummies." Oh yes, another fabulous string of posts to give you all the ins and outs of attending faerie fetes! And this will be right in time for the "Midsummer Night's Dream" Faerie Ball in stunning, fabulous, and spiritually-centered Berkeley Springs.

Oh, and by the way. God Hates Pagans as much or more than He hates Fags. This was the message of the Christian protesters who loudly berated us as we waited in line to pay an admission fee. Tune in for our "Dummies" series to learn cheerful come-backs for these folks. I don't think they got any converts to their faith on Saturday, but they must have loved standing in the shade insulting people on such a beautiful day.

If I'm going to hell, will someone buy me a digital camera to take along?

AREA 14, STAR 14


Hecate said...

Ah, yes, that's just what Jesus would have done: stood around and shouted insults at people. You remember all the times he did that in the gospels, don't you?

Can't wait to see the pictures; I don't have a digital camera either, but I'm thinking of getting one. Maybe they make one for dummies! That's the kind I need.

Interrobang said...

Where did this happen? I had a friend who was playing with a band at a Faerie Festival in Maryland, and he said there were protestors there. I thought that was simultaneously lame and kind of scary. They seem to be getting more brash.

I've also seen another blog report of protestors at a Faerie Festival this past weekend; was it the same one, or were there multiple Festivals with multiple protests? If so, creeee-py...

buddy don said...

miz bd wuz attedin a maypole festivull on saturdy over in man hattans centrull park. i wuz wurkin, btu she cum home jes glowin n a'wearin a garland of purty flowers in her hair.

they wudnt no weirdos screamin at em, mayhap on a counta how new york is.

i gut um pitchers of fairies (thar spellin) on saturdy, witch i will postem in a day or so.