Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Long Trip down Anxiety Boulevard

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we recognize that suffering comes to everyone and we should therefore look out for one another.

Yesterday the newspapers reported that a deal was near on the sale of my husband's plant. The prospective owners promised to negotiate with the unions and said they viewed the puchase as a long-range investment. The investment group is independent of the stock market and therefore doesn't have to answer to demanding brokers.

Today the deal is still pending, there's no ink on the bill of sale, and no one knows what the holdup could be. There are other bidders who have promised war with the unions and maximum layoffs, if not downright closure.

No matter how the deal turns out on my husband's plant, I think constantly of all the Americans who have been down this road: Anxiety Boulevard. It dead-ends at Need Street, deep in the Deprivation Zone.

Elsewhere it's worse. Children starve while our nation pours its funds into a war machine. What does all this say about America?

We here at "The Gods Are Bored" condemn greed as the deadliest sin. No matter if you believe in God, the bored gods, or no god at all, you must agree with me that the few prosper at the expense of the many, and this is not right. This is not how it should be.

Choose James McMurtry after clicking here. It's a long song, but so is our national anthem.

AREA 14, STAR 14


Kat said...

Wow, Anne thank you for sharing this song! Awesome. I'm a new and completely dedicated fan of The Gods Are Bored... just discovered you a few days ago (and still pondering a substitute word for pagan). Thank you for all the wit and levity even amidst the stresses in your own life. I appreciate your vision so much. Hang in there!

Anne Johnson said...

Welcome, sweetie, to "The Gods Are Bored," and we hope you enjoy your stay! Have a seat in that rocker over there, the one with the bay view. Want a piece of pecan pie?

All blessings to you!

Kat said...

How did you know... pecan pie is my favorite! :)

buddy don said...

me n miz bd luvs that song too. we gut the album. i plan to list sum protest songs on saturday. miz bd dint know i had the song, so whenever it played, she had everbidy shut up sos she could here it good.

glad thangs wurked out fer ye, yer husband, n his union.