Monday, May 15, 2006

Onex Corp. and the Teamsters: Union Busting Morons

Welcome to "Nothing Moves in Philly without a Union!" We're Milk and Cheese. We've got union cards, you sleeze!

Onex Corporation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada represents everything that stinks of road kill in today's society.

We're Milk and Cheese. We don't do any damn linking. Just Google "onex teamsters" and you'll see magnificent morons run amok.

Onex Corporation wants to buy the two newspapers Anne reads everyday. (Hey, We're with the Grocery Local.) Onex Corporation wrote to the Pennsylvania Teamsters asking the Teamsters to turn their heads while Onex Corporation busts another union, the CWA-backed Newspaper Guild. Onex wants to HALVE the reporting and editing staffs at the already-skeletal newspapers.

Guess what the Teamsters said? Go kiss a wombat.

Milk and Cheese would have used another approach. Google Slave Labor Graphics to get a look at how we handle unpleasant situations. (Of course our picture paints a thousand words, doesn't it?)

Yo, Onex, lissen up! You mighta been able to aim your f***** Death Star Killer Ray at the aircraft plants in Wichita. But this is Philly! You couldn't even erect a "We're Soulless Capitalist Pigs" booth at the Philadelphia Convention Center without using union carpenters!

As for the Teamsters, they aren't clueless. They know that if a newspaper that has already shrunk by 3/4 staff-wise in the last 15 years loses half its remaining staff, THERE WON'T BE A NEWSPAPER TO DELIVER! They're protecting the product they load in their trucks!

You got money to burn, Canada? Set a match to it. Save yourselves aggravation.

Milk and Cheese have this to say to the newspaper reporters who might lose their jobs: FORM A NEW PAPER. Damn, there'll be 250 of you! And some keen local investors who know that EVERY UNION MEMBER IN THE CITY WILL READ YOUR PAPER INSTEAD OF ONEX'S.

Newspapers aren't aircraft parts plants, with a bunch of anonymous workers who take the shaft and go home and watch their chronically ill children die slowly.

Newspaper reporters are recognized personalities! Columnists especially, but all of them, really.

So Onex, you just send these award-winning writers out on their ears and see what happens. You'll have two competing newspapers with similar sized staffs. Which one will get Teamster delivery trucks?



Thank you, Evan Dorkin, for letting us rant in Anne's blog!


Interrobang said...

Counterproposal: You tell your noxious right-wingers to stop funding Canadian think tanks and various other propaganda arms and propagandists, and we'll gladly help you step on our corporations who get out of line. In the meantime, would you like to compromise on getting rid of NAFTA? :)

Anne Johnson said...

Milk and Cheese say: They aren't OUR noxious right-wing think tanks. Although we think tanks would be a good solution to some of these problems.

Anonymous said...

Newspapers aren't aircraft parts plants, with a bunch of anonymous workers who take the shaft and go home and watch their chronically ill children die slowly

This mentality will get you absolutely no sympathy from anyone outside the newspaper industry and shows complete ignorance with regard to the union workers financial position due to ONEXs foray into the aircraft industry. The aircraft union workers are participating in an equity program and from all indications will do just fine providing their chronically ill children with the best health care money can buy.

Sure go form another newspaper....oh wait your union workers not venture capitalist so funding might be a little tough to find from anyone with $$$ and keen investment decisions. It appears you would be dealing with one investor or another with regards to your propposed solutions so why not look reality square in the face find some common ground and help devise a plan where all parties involved can prosper in the long term?