Monday, November 28, 2005

Shhhh! The New World Order Wants You (Dead)!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we offer the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help us Thunderbirds.

Thunderbirds? What about God?

Sorry. Here at "The Gods Are Bored," it's "one nation, under the Thunderbirds, indivisible, with liberty and justice for the New World Order."

Ever heard that old slogan, "The rich are different from you and me?"

And "me" is correct grammar. We goat judges know our grammar.

Well, it's true. The rich are different. They are toddlers who never grew up from the "if I can grab it, it's mine" phase of life. They are Ebenezer Scrooge before the conversion. Their favorite slogan about proles like us is, "If they are going to die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."

Enter the New World Order. Yep. They're all about decreasing the surplus population. They want just enough people to do their bidding, not one soul more.

Contrary to the popular opinion in America for more than one hundred years, these secretive grabbers aren't all Jewish. They aren't all American. In fact, a disconcerting number of them are Chinese. And frankly, the Chinese know how to decrease surplus population. While we bemoan Hitler and Stalin, the head count laid low by Mao absolutely dwarfs them both.

Lay off unionized American workers in favor of child labor in Vietnam?
New World Order.

Force profitable companies to generate more profit by laying off workers?
New World Order

Generate phony reasons to go to war in search of oil and rebuilding profits?
New World Order

Sponsor terrorism to keep the proles scared?
New World Order

Generate unreasonable demands for useless consumer products, big t.v.s, violent video games, paid for with high-interest credit cards?
New World Order

What can we do to keep these Masters of the Universe from knocking us off, draining our jobs and resources, anesthetizing us with useless gadgets and mindless entertainment?

Not one damn thing.

One caveat: The Illuminati are often credited with the schemes created by the New World Order. Not true. The Illuminati exist merely to expedite communication between humankind and extraterrestrial intelligent life forces. And the Illuminati are smart enough to know that our species is not ready for that moment (hence the Men in Black - they're Illuminati). However, the Illuminati try to bump evolution forward any way they can. Hence, Timothy Leary.

So, my solution to the New World Order is to give buzzards their due. Who are we to think we're at the top of the food chain? Even if we global warm this planet out the wazoo, the last large creature left will be a vulture.

We'll leave it to the Thunderbirds to settle with the New World Order.



Scott said...

OK Anne, you must visit and disect my last post as my thinking has been compared to NWO philosophy,, and believe me the survivalist pagan I am, I am not NWO friendly. But, I do think that many of the philosophies which could benefit humanity,, such as good ol Timmy's have been Hijacked to pull off more nefarious deeds by NWO goons.
As far as population goes, I personally would like to see a future where humans do get off the planet,, but not just the 'rich' and 'chosen'. Earth is in my mind 'Our Mother, and cradle' but not meant to nessesarily be our permanent home,, the Stars do call many of us...
I am so glad this week is going to focus on this and other Illumanati topics as hopefully we can bounce some ideas around and pull out the weeds of fear that put us all in bondage to this type of 'rule'.
Brave of you to mention the China Illuminati!!! They have 5000 years of developmental practise on us all.
I too agree, we will give the Thunderbirds and Buzzards their due with multitudes of dead sheep if no one stands up and sounds the bell. For we all know for whom the bell tolls......
Keep it up.

Scott said...

Hey, Got my Fairy Ball, IT IS WONDERFUL!!! You are an Awesome person,, I was floored by this,, it is so gorgeous,, and hanging on the porch facing southeast... to catch the sun.. WOW..
Is the address on the box, your home addy,, I want to send you a card??

PS: I am simutaneously blogging about NWO this week,, not intentional but it happened... so we will have dual action on this one...

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!! floored just floored...