Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How to Foil the New World Order

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Please be advised that we do not subscribe to the notion that all human worship stems from contact with aliens in a "2001: A Space Odyssey" mode.

Naaah. Religion was born from dual sources right here on earth:
1. Observation of others' mortality.
2. Use of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The first one is a no-brainer, the second comes from Terrence McKenna, employee of the New World Order. (Laurance Rockefeller was T.M.'s boss and funded T.M.'s research.)

So we've got this big, bad entity out there called the New World Order that's composed of the intensely rich, who always want more for themselves and are willing to sacrifice other people to fulfill their never-ending needs. They want you to be either dead or willing to work like a Triangle Shirt Factory sewing girl, and by damn they're gonna see to it that you do.

What can you do to foil their intrusion in your life?

We here at "The Gods Are Bored" don't recommend building a cabin in the Montana wilderness and retreating into it. That's just catnip for the F.B.I. And you'll get lonely during those long winters.

Think about this for a moment.

Rich and powerful international robber barons have been around since the Fertile Crescent was first cultivated. And here you sit in the 21st century, reading this.

Ergo, your ancestors lived through a lot of exploitation.

How did they do it? By blending.

Think of yourself as an apple on the flood.

Bob along, mingle quietly with the crowd, excercise and keep your furniture clean. Stay away from addictive substances, especially opiates. Case in point: If you want to see a mindless tool of the New World Order, you need look no further than Rush Limbaugh.

This is much easier for calm people to do than a pissed-off hillbilly like Anne. But so far Anne hasn't had her house surrounded for a big-time shootout with the feds, and it has happened in her neighborhood.

Tomorrow: How to beat the New World Order at their own game.



Pacific Druid said...

Thanks for this posting (and potentially the one coming tomorrow). The last one describing the new world order left me depressed. This one gives a glimmer of hope.

Scott said...

Anne, question,why do you put T.McKenna in with the New World Order,, I have to admit he is one of my hero's, but can sorta understand why you would think him a minion of NWO. I met him before he died,, and of course he was tripping on magick mushrooms.
I have been told to 'blend' in with the crowd, but that is too difficult for me, stick out like a sore thumb with my big mouth.
My Mother used to work for FBI under J.E. Hoover and so my personal background of being against the NWO runs deeply against family history.
I tend to think that the NWO really is a facade that hides something most will never understand.... You know the 'need to know' rule.

Anne Johnson said...

I never would have thought of McKenna as a NWO candidate, but it'll be public record in 6 months. Trust me on this. Can't tell you the citation now. He's one of my heroes too, having had personal experience of fairies.

Scott said...

You have my curiosity up on Terrance,, so please make sure to keep me up on this,,please. I think I may have a clue,, but if I must wait,, I will.
Always thought the 'brain tumor' thing was interesting per his death.

Anne Johnson said...

brain tumor indeed. How quick did it hit him? just curious