Monday, November 07, 2005

Daddy Can't Have My T-Bird!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!"

When you were young, did you question all the answers?

If so, rock on!

If you're still young, it's time to start.

Seriously! Seventy-five percent of Americans think God created the universe in six days and then took a nap! The same percentage think God destroyed the world in a flood and only let one family, and assorted pestilential insects, survive.

I wonder how many of these godly Americans have ever seen a Thunderbird glide silently through the sky, guiding itself by judging the air currents through its wing-tips.

Divinity at the highest, gentle readers.

I'm a goat judge, not an Intelligent Designer, but I think someone or some thing created the earth not for people to dominate, but for Thunderbirds to enjoy. Many Native American cultures (who, by the way, knew the healing powers of vulture down) would agree with me.

Growing up in West Virginia, I had ample time to study both the ways of God and the ways of the Thunderbird. I choose Thunderbird.

Superb parents, Nature's custodians, non-aggressive, will only kill in mercy, and abide the presence of others of their kind.

An observant human will see a superior species, so superior as to be ... yes ... godly.

Later this week I journey to commune with the Thunderbirds. Yes, Carl Jung, there are indeed Varieties of Religious Experience, and this is my very favorite.

Would you like to learn more about Thunderbirds and what they can do for you? Perhaps you want to change your life. You want a fresh start. Forgiveness of all your sins, and the joy of knowing Thunderbirds!

Our operators are standing by for your call. We love you and want to help you share our joy in the sacred custodians of our sickly planet!





Kate said...

I agree, vultures are much maligned and awesome birds. We see a lot of them soaring overhead. Without them, more rotting meat and bacteria would be littering our world.

But I like God in the Bible too. Everything has its place, and a time to every purpose under heaven. :-)

Anne Johnson said...

Goodness! Welcome, welcome, Kate! And be sure to tell all your God friends about me!