Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where "liberal" means "generous" and "conservative" means evil Fascist. We take all our tactics from the lively debates going on around us on the radio and t.v. every day!

Ah, those bright youngsters at Princeton. They successfully complete a week-long filibuster in front of the Frist Building and then take their tour on the road to Washington, DC. (You know why that city is where it is, built on a swamp in a climate the Brits call "subtropical?" It could have something to do with the fact that George Washington was part of a real estate conglomerate that owned the land.)

Alas, many goats to judge today, so I can't come to DC to give my moral support. However, I do want to present a quick scenario to Mr. Frist. It's kind of personal, I hope he doesn't take offense.

Mr. Frist. You are in a hospital, dying of bird flu. Two people enter the room. One voted for you and plans to support you in the future, so long as you get "people of faith" onto the federal bench. The other one is from Princeton.

Only one of these two people can offer you any assistance in your dire illness. You must choose.

So, who will it be, Fristy? The faith-in-God snake handler, or the epidemiologist specializing in avian virus strains?

This is a wonderful country, because both of them have treatment plans, and both are willing to help you, no matter what your politics might be.
However, one might not be willing to vote for you as president, providing you survive the bird flu, which is killing 7 in 10 people who contract it.

Far-fetched futuristic scenario?

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