Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Plague in the Time of Oligarchy

Back in the day, when a plague broke out, the rich would quickly gather their tots and their pets and hoof it to the old country estate, where they would be less likely to become infected. This is happening in America right now, rest assured. These rich fucks have bunkers in Montana or wherever. They're all set.

The rest of us are getting laid off, or our hours are reduced, or we've been downright fired. Or maybe you were looking for a job, and had your finger right on one ... and then this happened. Our nation's workers are being sucker-punched.

And as usual in America, the government is going to step in to try to help. It will be the stupidest Republican of all time who votes against stimulus that includes a basic income, a pause in college loan payments, and deferral of income tax.

How is our government going to pay for this? The bill will come due. Here's a modest proposal. Tax those rich bunker-dwelling motherfuckers! They are the reason the rest of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck in the first place.

In special circumstances like this, companies that are highly profitable should dip into those profits to help their workers. You think McDonald's doesn't have a bottomless pit of money somewhere? The C.E.O. should re-invest 9/10 of his salary and all his bonuses into private stimulus grants to employees. (Hint: He would still be crazy rich.)  Wal-Mart? Don't get me started. If justice prevailed, the Walton family would be announcing a vast employee assistance program, established with funds from their own personal fortunes.

Sadly, oligarchs have proven abundantly that they don't care how much pain and suffering they cause humanity. An opiate epidemic can claim 100,000 lives -- husbands and wives, beloved sons, daughters, nieces, nephews -- and the Sackler family will blithely collect fine art and yachts. They don't care who they kill.

It's time for ordinary Americans to demand that oligarchs care about the greater good.

Call this what you like: socialism, communism, whatever. I don't care. In the best case scenario, the ridiculously rich would voluntarily surrender wealth in service to the common good. In the next best scenario, the government would compel the billionaires to pay taxes.

In the worst case scenario, citizens will rise up and make the matter very, very personal. The two scenarios outlined above would be far better options.

Workers of the world, unite.

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Stay safe, only eat the rich!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

This is all very true. The pandemic is laying bare the terrible economic disparities in our society and the true human cost of having no social safety net anymore. Once this is over, do you think people's eyes will be opened? Who knows.

anne marie in philly said...

TAX ALL CORPORATIONS AND CHURCHES! then give we the people tax breaks!

e said...

Spot on, every word. The rage I feel when I think about those bastards... well, I won't dwell on it because I can't give them the satisfaction of causing me to have a stroke. Eat the rich, indeed. (Fatty and poisonous, though?)

Bohemian said...

I am in complete Agreement, properly Taxing the filthy Rich Corporations would give an Royalty income to every American. My Fav Candidate, Yang, who sadly will not be President, outlined such a Plan and they'd still be filthy Rich but would be compelled to reimburse Society for their privilege. It's done with Oil Royalties in Alaska, where every Citizen gets a Royalty Check annually, it could be done with so many more Billionaire Companies instead of giving them preferential treatment and monetary breaks they don't really need!

Ol'Buzzard said...

Rich people don't have to worry about eating and a place to live with electricity and running water.

Many on the pay to pay day end are panicked about starvation and homeliness.
the Ol'Buzzard