Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Those Little Halloweeny Things

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" My, October is just flying by, isn't it? Already more than half over ... and that means Samhain is nearly upon us!

Way before this family ditched the busy god, Halloween was the premiere holiday around here.

Why? Because everyone in this household, with the exception of Mr. Johnson, loves to dress up in costumes!

Oh, costumes, costumes! The Heir and Spare are both busy designing and creating theirs. Spare recently watched "Desperately Seeking Susan" (one of my all-time favorite movies) and decided to do the 1980s grunge-chic Madonna look. In two days she had it all together, thanks to the local thrift store and my dresser drawer. Isn't it amazing how a Talbot's beaded scarf can become a hair bow?

Heir was held back in kindergarten because she could talk of nothing else but her Halloween costume -- from the first day of school onward. The teacher asked a question of the group of eager young minds. Heir shot up her hand. Teacher called on her. Heir said, "I'm going to be a red devil at Halloween."

Heir got put in a "developmental" class. Thank goodness, because that meant I got an extra year of her company before she went off to college! Just goes to show you, the bored gods were looking out for me even before I knew Them.

Heir has not changed a bit when it comes to being consumed by costumes. She has huge plans. She predicts awesomeness. Having seen her concoctions in years past, I tend to agree. But this year we'll have pictures!

As for me, I have already created a costume for the ages. I will reprise my fabulous Mountain Tribe Leader duds from the Fairie Festival. Alas, I won't have the fab face paint! Otherwise I carefully kept the entire outfit in one place. And I will have pictures.

Why are we so concerned about costumes? Because we're having a PARTY! More on that later.


THE Michael said...

If ONLY I could be there!

Lavanah said...

We love Halloween and costumes here, too. We feel so strongly about dressing up that our household motto may as well be: Costumes, Not Just For Halloween.

Can't wait for the pictures, and I wish we could attend the party, too!


rainwolf sent me a ad for the perfect costume for me..it's a brown bag coving costume with a halo..it's a holy shit....so Im going to try and duplicate it and see if i can be a 'holy shit'..

kimc said...

Oooooh, I used to do lots of costume events too. six or seven a year. Themed parties mostly: I like trying to come up with something that fits a theme. My best costume was Titania for a party who's theme was "movie titles": I was Midsummer Night's Dream. Have you seen the 1937 film of that? The fairy costumes were really something. Or really nothing much -- very transparent.
I've heard that Halloween is most kids' favorite holiday because almost everyone loves donning costumes.

Maebius said...

We love Halloween too. (and Easter for hte bunnies and chocolate)
that costume is lovely. even sans face paint.

(I'm a robot this year, thanks to cardboard boxes and platform shoes)

Teacats said...

Halloween is fun around here too -- we live on Lot 13 on Cemetery Hill -- so we do a wonderful graveyard scene out front with lots of homemade ghouls! And DH and I dress up too -- usually as Death and Mrs. Death-Warmed-Over!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Hecate said...

Every year I wear my renaissance gown w huge hunting sleeves and goth dogs (for Hecate) trim. And my witch hat w feathers. But all the other witches are here to back me up as I hand out candy and get ready to shut down the front of the house so as to do ancestor worship out in the south.