Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cat Show

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" I would love to chat with you today, but alas, there's no time. The cat show is in town!

Don't you just love a great cat show? Where else can you see painstakingly genetically engineered felines, groomed to the max, with their high ticket prices and their anal owners and their poofy, pimped cages?

Sometimes the gal I got my Alpha from sets up a booth at the cat show. She still has a picture of Alpha on her poster of rescued, hard-luck-story cats. As the story goes, Alpha's family moved away and just left her behind, outside, pregnant. By the time the rescue ladies got there, all but one of Alpha's kittens had died, and Alpha was near starved to death.

I believe this tale of woe. When we go on vacation, Alpha does not leave the house. Any other time, she comes and goes (never beyond our small back yard). Also she makes nice with anyone who comes in the door, even people who don't like cats. She single-pawedly won over my father-in-law, who had detested felines his whole life. Mr. Johnson about fainted when he came in the room and saw his dad with Alpha on his lap, petting her.

So off to the cat show I go! To look, not to buy. Not even to touch. Those crazy cat show contestants don't even want you to breathe on their precious quality merchandise. But where else can you see the wacky naked cats and Persians who look like they've been bashed in the face with a flat iron?

Meow! Ciao!

Image: No, they aren't show cats! They're a litter I fostered awhile back. Can't even remember their names, except the pink one was Pinkie.


Hecate said...

I think that I'm about ready to bring a new cat into my life, although I still miss Miss Thing pretty damn bad. Maybe after I call her name at Samhein.


Im afraid Dexter is living up to his name...he tried to kill my 32" flat screen last night in a rampage of ball playing..scared the crap out of both of us.he still doesn't know how close he came to being dearly departed dexter.