Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Awesome Day at the Cat Show

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Time to navel-gaze about a fabulous day! Not getting any younger and all that. Might want to read this one myself in years to come.

This was a terrific Saturday, even though it's been pouring most of the day. So, let me tell you about the cat show!

1. First thing in the morning, I went out with Mr. Johnson and had some breakfast. Him: wrap with eggs, veggies, and Swiss cheese. Me: over easy, wheat toast.

2. Came home, asked The Spare to get dressed so we could go to the cat show. She said she had to do her Driver's Ed homework first.

3. Blogged about the cat show (below).

4. Spent a jolly hour web-shopping, especially eyeballing Thalia Took's site (sidebar, artist). Wanted everything I saw.

5. Finally, around noon, Spare and I set off for the cat show. Except we had to buy a few groceries first. Just a few. Except oh yeah. Halloween candy! Halloween cake mix! Doughboy Halloween cookies! Pumpkin pie mix! Which kind of candy should be buy, Hershey's or M&M's? Hershey's. Frozen vegetables so that stuff doesn't go bad when Anne can't cook much. Eggs, milk, cat food, cat litter.

6. In the parking lot, it dawns on us. We don't have our Halloween pumpkin! Off to the farm stand. Tough choices. This one, or that one? Get a cart, this year we're going to have a whole jack-o-lantern family! And oh, gosh. Mums. I've got a job! I'm going to buy some mums! It's been so long since I could justify the expense. But I love flowers, even genetically engineered, over-blooming potted monstrosities.

7. Now home to unpack the groceries and plant the mums. Oops. Need another pot of mums to make it look good. Back to the farm stand. Now it's pouring. Another pot of rust-colored mums. Thank you.

8. Hmmm. It's really getting time to go to the cat show. Except The Spare needs one final little element for her Halloween costume. Can we pretty pretty please go to the thrift store just for one little item? Of course we can! An hour later, we have the item, a pair of snow boots, a blouse for me, and a beautiful autumn faerie with a little cart of pumpkins.

9. Time for the cat show ... but wait! I forgot that it's Mrs. T's birthday on Tuesday. Mrs. T is my new teacher colleague who has been so sweet and nice and helpful to me, even before I got the full-time gig. Now Spare and I go to downtown Snobville to find something nice for Mrs. T.

10. Fancy Snobville store. Hadn't been in it for a long time. In the corner, there's an ugly faerie caught in a clear plastic box. Never saw a more wretched faerie ........ wait a second! There's a faerie store in Collingswood! It's called Mineralistic. Surely they will have something there that's appropriate for a Jewish teacher who takes her faith seriously!

11. Off to Collingswood in a downpour. Sprint into the faerie store. Sure enough, there's a beautiful little ring box with a peacock on the lid. I know Mrs. T will love it, because Spare wanted it for herself, and Mrs. T is a girly girl like Spare. Purchase ring box. Sprint back to car. Time for cat show?

12. Oh well, it's raining cats and dogs, so why go to a cat show? Driving home, Spare and I stop by our dinosaur site. We pick up all the dinos and put them in the trunk of the car. We have a hunch that since Mischief Night falls on a Friday this year, some dinos might fall into the wrong hands. We will put them back out on November 1.

13. It's now 5:30. Not only did I not go to the cat show, I haven't gotten my school work done either.

14. I have always loved the fact that my life has never moved from Point A to Point B without sidetracking to Point Q. On this particular day, I may have started at Point A, but I'm now at Point Q, with miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep.


THE Michael said...

Do ALL you women veer off any path you take at the drop of a hat?

Lavanah said...

To Michael: Of course!
To Anne: The pampered kitties at the cat show wouldn't miss you half as much as the faeries, the kind co-workers, the foundling and foster kitties. And your amazing daughters would never know just how amazing amazing can be, if you were able to go from point A to point B without veering off to see the sights.

Hecate said...

It was pouring here, too. Great Autumn weather!

Maeve said...

Your day sounds a lot more fun than a cat show, and a lot less depressing. :)


sounds like a great day...