Sunday, September 07, 2008


OMG guess what!!!!!I got call backs to Our town, at my highschool!!! Okay so i went to the auditions and i thought i did really good...untill....sadfaace.... i didnt get an email from the director!!!! i was sooo sad....UNTILL!!!! dun dun duuuuuuu I RECIEVE AN EMAIL!!!!! WOOOT!!!!! i was like omg omg omg omg omg omg..!!! Sadly its not a lead role...but thats okay cuz thats a first..not to sound egotistical (spelling) its a small part but at least its a part...i mean im a freshman so what do u expect...speaking of freshman i started my first day of school a few days ago...i only got lost once!!! and yeah i wasnt afraid to ask an upper classmen were to go!!! cuz im not a scaredy kitty!!!! I have a few great teachers!!! of course im already loaded down with homework but you happens!!! Im almost finished the third book of twilight called it...its delicous...or if you have a teenage girl..or boy at home tell them to read not much on reading and i cant put this book down...again its delicous!!! and edward omg yummalicous...and jacob ahhh sooo yummy lol!!! speaking of hott..OLD GREGG anyone????

Watch'll love it...Its by the Mighty boosh who are awesome british comedians check it out!

Any ways....everyone has to go see Twilight in theaters November 21!!! its gonna rock...just look at these too actors

-----Jacob Black

opps edward isnt working now i will show him to yall later!!!
BUT YEAH to recap...OUR TOWN YAY! i love edward cullen and jacob black! old greg rocks! and oh yeah and go to he is hilirous!
With love,
Mrs. Edward Cullen!


yellowdog granny said...

well, that is just the best proud your parents must be of you..pat yourself on the head little one, you did good...just for you..i'll try and read the twilight series...have fun...
oh, tell you mom i said congratulations on the eagles win..

Anne Johnson said...

Way to go, Spare! You just got a role in a play I can't watch without crying my eyeballs out! Go ahead, try being a straight-faced ghost while yo mama is sitting in the fourth row blubbering.

Maeve said...

Congrats on the role in the play :)

Hillbilly Fairy said...

hey spare i have to introduce you to my spare, willa. she is also a theatre-head (she's playing audrey from little shop of horrors at our community theater this fall) AND she LOVES twilight. she tried to get me to get her to british columbia or wherever it is they were doing auditions. how come we've not met you? do you come to the fairie festival? come this year and i'll set you up with her and the rest of the teen fairies. your mom may never be able to find you, but she'll know you're in good hands ;>

Hillbilly Fairy said...

oh yeah and congrats on your part! i love that play.