Monday, September 08, 2008

I am...

I had intended to let fly my anger and rage here on this lovely page. I've had a rough few days, and today put a capper n the whole thing for little ol' me, my del-i-cut self...But instead, I decided to work through the anger, until I found a better and more stable ground from which to relate the reason my ire has been roused.

So instead of a self serving venting of my frustrations I give you a riddle I wrote...

I am...

...The darkness you try to banish,
the increase of your heart beat,
the pain you refuse to name,
the sweat above your lip,
the shadow in the cave's mouth,
the glint at spear's tip,
the last startled gasp,
the first light of dawning,
the scent of burnt hope,
the congestion in your throat that will not clear,
the red stain on the snowy field,
the pink rush in the dark water,
the second shadow in the empty room,
the wet shine of long teeth,
the stripes that don't match the tall grass,
the flash of evanescence at the corner of your eye,
the taste of blue at the back of the tongue,
the cracking sound on the lake of ice,
the breath that does not return,
the music you cannot hear,
the tune you dance through the rings with,
what is waiting beneath the calm waters,
what you hear that can not be,
what makes you scream,
why you cry alone,
why you stay,
why you cringe,
why you whimper,
why you rail,
why you fail,
why you fall,
why you seek light.

What am I?


yellowdog granny said...

my ex husbands

Anne Johnson said...

You just made me snarf so hard I had to check that my sinuses didn't just implode!

Aquila ka Hecate said...

I am Fear.
That's a beautiful riddle, Anne.

yellowdog granny said...

ahh, it's good to make you laugh..

Thalia said...

Yeah, fear. I know that one, believe me.