Monday, September 01, 2008

Hi Blogger world, its me the spare...(as my mother makes me go by i prefer Coolest Cat in town..or Ms. Edward Cullen)...and im just dropping into to say Howdy...Since my mommy is going into the hospital tommorrow, ive offered to fill in for my wonderful dedicated mama, because well, she has spent 14 years taking care of me..and i think she has earned my undivided help and attietion for the next month or so. Now one thing i ask of you all is to be patient with you can tell my spelling is not soo..great! So im starting school tommorrow...well more like freshman orientation.And im nervous that i wont be able to pay any attietion to any of the important stuff that will DEFINE MY WHOLE HIGHSCHOOL CAREER, because i will be soo nervous for my dear old mom. Because me and my mom are best friends and i know that sounds lame and all but its true...If you've ever seen the show "Gilmore Girls" it is that relationship between Lorlie and Rory...except im more like Lorlie and She is more like Rory...which doesnt make sense in the mother daughter situation...if you lost right now dont worry...your not the only lost too..and im the one writing it haha! Anyway, i do recemend "Gilmore Girls" because not only is it my favorite it is also...a great show for eye candy guys..such as a the guy who plays jess...ill attach a photo thingy of him..if i still trying to figure this all out...Well im gonna go spend the whole night trying to sleep but having a panic attack because im entering Snobville Highschool!!!!
The*Clears throat* excuss me..Ms. Edward Cullen


Anne Johnson said...


...alittle too showy?

yellowdog granny said...

your mom would be so proud..but then she already is...tell her old yellowdog fan of the greatest team in the nfl (the dallas cowboys)said howdy and is lighting candles and saying prayers to the goddess for her speedy recovery..
tell the heir I said howdy too..

Angela-Eloise said...

Hi Mrs. Edward Cullen, aka Spare. Can't wait to read your posts! As for high school (if I can remember back that far), I'm pretty sure it's better than junior high. You'll be great!

Thalia said...

Hope you're okay, Ms. Edward Cullen. I can't imagine much more stress than first day of high school + mother in for major surgery on the same day. So, you know, hang strong. Or something.

Wishing you both well.

Davo said...

HUH?.. OK, have been "offline" fer a while - (dunno what that translates into t' younger people) ..but please give my hugs, love and best wishes to your Mum (from the Southern Hemisphere).

Anne Johnson said...

My baby.