Monday, September 01, 2008

Me am Bizarro! Goodbye!

A hale and hearty Howdy-do all;
I'm Anne's friend Muin. And while she is away I was asked, much to my blushing astonishment, to be one of the fill-in bloggers. She is so kind to me.

I'm not a very tech savvy man, I must admit. Most high tech items tend to die if left in my presence for too long. Hope she remembers that...but anyway, as you may have guessed by this point, I hope, I'm not Anne.

Not even Anne "through a Mirror Darkly"...though I do have the requisite facial hair that someones evil twin from another dimension seems always to need. But be not swayed by such follicular imaginings! Anne will be back soon enough, most likely with many a great rant about her treatment at the hands of these Papal Idolater Witch Doctors. Or...PIWD's as they shall be referred to henceforth. (Huzzah!)

But now that we know whom I'm not...lets move on to the ever more dreary subject of who I am...

I'm called Muin by my friends, though Don works as well. I grew up being tugged from one Navy base to another every two years, and while I generally consider myself "Southern" I now live in Pennsylvania with my wonderful wife an two fantastic sons. I spend most of my time raising the boys (and have major issues with the "Mr. Mom" movie and all the damage it and others like it have done over the years to the credibility guys like myself...Michael Keaton owes me BIGTIME!) I am a jeweler and a metals artist. I love to read, cook, eat, and generally have fun. If you REAAALLLY need to get an idea of what I look like/sound like, I'll see what I can do about a picture. A sto my voice, as you read these posts, try to imagine them in the voice and tone of Foghorn Leghorn. It doesn't really match what I sound like, but its a funny thing to do to ANY blog you read.

Some of my failing traits...well, I'm sure I'll let them slip as I write more entries, and y'all feel free to tag me, and call me out in the comments section when you see them/are offended by/amused by them. 'Kay? (I'm sure you have spotted one or six already!)

Like Anne my faith plays a huge role in shaping who I am. I'm a polytheistic Druid. I'm into CR (Celtic that's a long word...) as well as personal gnosis. I feel the two NEED to work together, as antithetical as that may feel to some out there. I've heard the phrase "Snowflake Catholic" and while the image amuses me, it also saddens me. Why? Because I know there are 'Snowflake Druids" out there as well. I'll assume Every religion out there has its share of 'Snowflake" members, though the idea of a "Snowflake Hindu" or a "Snowflake Shintoist" does make me smile a bit...silly image? Anyone? Anyone?

Now I'm getting off track here...My apologies. To sum up...I gots me some mad faith on, yo!

So. That is me, and here I am. I'll be jumping in here from time to time, hoping to NOT drive the regular readers away. If all else fails, you nice folks will be so happy to have Anne back. Wont that be a nice side effect of all my blather?

Cheers! And remember, and that 'Ol womanizer Ben Franklin was fond of saying..."Do good to do well."

Muin, Arch Druid of the Oaken Shield Circle, member of the Grove of the Black Oak...friend to this particular Anne Johnson, whom we all wish well. (And SOON! Oi! The pressure is already killing me...)


the goddess said...

goddess bless you my child

Thalia said...

Oh? Did someone sneeze?

I can see why you and Anne get along, Muin.

BBC said...

All of your muttering aside, I hope that Ann is well soon and back with us in good shape.

Davo said...

Even this tiny part from the Southern Hemisphere may muster forces to assist this friend. Not instantly easy.

Anonymous said...

I say, I say...what's a Snowflake Catholic? I googled it and I didn't find anything

Davo said...

Muin, you are a wanker .. "pressure" is killing you ..heh. What sort of god do you believe in?

Davo said...

Muin, we're all wankers in some shape or other .. but MY argument remains unresolved. How and when did the notion of "religion" "God" and recently "Christianity" arrive on the shores of the island now designated "Australia". Will not be satisfied until someone can give me a comprehensible answer.

Anne Johnson said...

Well, Davo...
I'll do my best. How about: It was right after humanity showed up on the shore and right before the first arrivee died from a funnelweb bite.
(NOTE: I'm not an Ausi, and don't play one on TV...all answers I give are filtered through me, and as such are what they are.)

Anne Johnson said...

"I say, I say...what's a Snowflake Catholic? I googled it and I didn't find anything
10:41 AM"

Snowflake Catholic-A "Catholic" that only shows up at Christmas and/or Easter Mass.