Friday, March 17, 2017

Vulture Doesn't Want To Eat Cold, Starved Senior Citizens

It's a little known fact that the construction of the Great Wall of China led to a severe famine in the country constructing the wall. All the able-bodied people in the nation were called upon to help with the wall. Between the cost of it and the lack of workers to do other things (like, for instance, plant and harvest crops), the country plunged into decline.

So now our government has money to build a wall, but not to finance Meals on Wheels?

Get ready for it. VULTURE IS PISSED.

Vulture does not want to dine on emaciated senior citizens! Vulture would vastly prefer a diet of ultra-wealthy fat cats who are harvesting ducats on the backs of the rest of us! Vulture likes his carcasses to be brimming with the finest caviar-crusted entrails!

The Great God Vulture would like me to add that He (just like a person) likes His food squishy and fleshy, not rock-solid frozen.

Before you get the misguided idea that you should point out to Vulture that Meals on Wheels is state-financed, let me tell you that I did some due diligence here. Some of the financing for Meals on Wheels comes from federal Community Block Grants, which have been around for decades and are used to prop up the poorest, neediest communities in all kinds of ways. You guessed it. The block grants will be gone. They are "failing."

Vulture. Is. Pissed.

So, how do the starving senior citizens also become frozen? Federal money also props up state grant money that helps the poorest among us to keep their furnaces lit all through the cold months. This I heard on the local news radio. Our local LIHEAP office is afraid that they won't be able to help poor folks next winter, due to the budget axe being wielded by our Carrion in Chief.

What kind of heartless scoundrels prey upon the weakest and most vulnerable citizens? Vulture cries foul! Vulture is not a predator -- He disposes. He does not kill. Governments that cut social services while increasing the budget for weapons of mass destruction ... those are the killers.

Thus sayeth Vulture: Oppose the draconian measures that are being contemplated with glee in the halls of power!

Anyone who begrudges poor people nutritious meals and warm homes deserves to die and go to


Where they will be helplessly obese and overheated, trying in vain to avoid being pelted by those heavy-ass rolls of quarters you pick up on your way to the laundromat! All the while, perfectly polished mirrors will allow these miscreants to view themselves being taunted by Santa Claus and his righteously indignant elves!

The word of Vulture for the people of Vulture. Thanks be to Vulture.


anne marie in philly said...

LIHEAP and meals on wheels and NPR and the CPB and amtrak and school lunches and the EPA and the NEA and the NEH and the ACA and and and...


if vulture ate a GOPrick, he'd probably throw up!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Appalling. Absolutely bloody appalling.

Anonymous said...

Rodger C said:
Speaking of miser hell:

Janie Junebug said...

I suspect all of the threatened programs to help people could be saved if the president gave up his costly weekend trips to what he says is now affectionately known as "the Southern White House."


mshatch said...

Janie is right. I saw an article in the Washington Post which pretty much said so. But a weekend golfing in Florida is far more important than a few starving freezing old people. What a wretched, sorry, embarrassing excuse for a human being.

e said...

If Melania lived at the White House for TEN DAYS it would save the entire cost of the National Endowment of the Arts. Ten days.


we are truly and totally fucked.

Lucretia said...

I have often said that politicians will be more useful after Armageddon than at any other time... they will make excellent protein for starving people. The Regurgitated Cheeto is a prime (rib) example of this.

All hail to Vulture, praise His holy name!

Ol'Buzzard said...

I have never understood how poor or middle income people could vote Republican. Their one policy has always been tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts which disproportionately benefit the wealthy. What is wrong with these people? Don't they pay attention to anything other than Noah's Ark and bathrooms?
the Ol'Buzzard