Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Postcard Day

 Here we are again at "The Gods Are Bored," where the only Goddess joining us today is Sedna. She gets a kick out of the fuss we make in New Jersey whenever it snows. She has seen it all: No amount of sleet and freezing rain ruffles Her fur.

In our last installment I told you that Walt Whitman was joining me for dinner and an overnight stay. Fortunately I had a day off for stormy weather, so before the sun came up the next morning, I towed the Great Gray Poet into Camden on a Flexible Flyer sled. I deposited him at his home, which is now a museum. So as not to disturb him too much with our modern ways, I stayed along the Cooper River until we got into the heart of Camden -- and from there parts of it don't look much different, just way way more run-down.

I wish I had kept him handy, though, because I nearly forgot ... today is the Ides of Trump! I had to send my postcard to the White House!

With a deep sadness I unearthed one of my "Greetings from Asbury Park" postcards. And there was even greater regret when I had to affix a nice little "forever" stamp with a cardinal on it. Worst money I ever spent. But these things must be done.

It's important to be succinct on a postcard. There's nothing I hate more than getting a card from someone who has the money to travel someplace that I would like to go, and I'll never get there, and it looks so good in the picture, and how come I never have any money to travel? Wait. Emmm. Off topic. Re-direct: I don't like postcards where the person runs out of room at the bottom and writes extra small, or curves the text around the side. Pet peeve, you know?

I wanted to keep things short. And secular.

Drum roll ...

I'm not gonna cuss ya
You puppet of Russia,
But I want to know why
You put tape on your tie.

The beauty of this is, neither Walt Whitman nor Sedna helped me with this fine verse! I did it all on my own.


anne marie in philly said...

I mailed mine on monday ahead of the storm.

mine said "this pussy is made of steel, it has teeth, and it bites! HARD! FUCK YOU!"

Bob Slatten said...

Mailed and mailed and mailed.
Mine were short and sweet:

You don't acre about We The People unless we're rich, and white, and male.
One day soon, you're gonna here us all say, "You're fired."


if I put on a postcard what I really think..they'll put me under Leavenworth..

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love your poem, Anne! And I enjoyed reading the others' postcards too!

e said...

I bought a pack of 58 postcards at the Goodwill for 2.99. I bought 2 sheets of 20 postcard stamps (13.20). My niece and I wrote out 40 cards and mailed them yesterday. We had some doozies! My favorite that she wrote: Have you picked your Russian name yet? Putin has, he calls you 'Baby'. Mine: Your place in history is secure: LAUGHINGSTOCK.

Really, though, they were all good. It was a very satisfying exercise in civic involvement. Plus, I have 18 more cards.

Jono said...

And a fine verse it is.