Saturday, October 15, 2011

Commercial Break: A Really, Really Great Offer!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to offer you a rare and exciting opportunity!

The Two Street Stompers New Year's Brigade, proudly participating in the Philadelphia Mummers Parade since 1978, have asked me to sell 10 raffle tickets.

The tickets are $10 apiece. There are three prizes. Grand is $2,000, and there are two $1,000 awards. The drawing will be held on December 10 ... just in time for Xmas! (You do not have to be present. Your stub will contain your name, address and contact phone.)

Please buy a raffle ticket!

But wait. I'll sweeten the pot...

When you purchase a Stompers raffle ticket, you will receive:

1. the ticket (sans stub),with a personal salutation from the staff of "The Gods Are Bored."

better stuff...

2. One FREE handy, pocket-sized copy of OUR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, courtesy of the National Constitution Center. Perfect to have on hand when you see the New Apostolic Reformation morons at work!

3. A bright, beautiful, blue pin 2" in diameter, that says "I Signed the Constitution." A leftover souvenir from the opening of the NCC in 2008. Sure to be collectible soon!

So, you buy a chance, you get some fun freebies, and you become forever associated with the proud Philadelphia tradition of cleansing the City of Buzzardly Love of all negativity, each and every New Year's Day! Act now ... supplies are limited ...

Email me through the blog profile, I'll send you my address, and you will receive your packet post haste.

Don't miss this offer. You've gotta play to win!


Davoh said...

um, hafta play .. but wait - is the Aussie dollar worth more; or less ..

Lori F - MN said...

I wanna play! I can paypal you!

Maebius said...

grrr. it ate my comment!

I love the idea of a raffle, and if it's mummer-approved, I will consider it a Ruffle Ticket in my head now. :P

I'll check for a check from the accountant (read: Wife) and send it your way, unless you prefer PayPal or such.
Fun times!!!

By the way, the Longer comment I was SUPPOSED to have posted here did a much more effective job at summarizing my compliments on the recent 1st Ammendment issues, and the Bored Deity interviews and such. Awesome focus you have, on this bloggy platform, and I commend you for it. Keep up the Awesome work, Anne!