Sunday, November 29, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," staring ahead at a 60-hour workweek ahead after an exhausting Thanksgiving holiday!  Forget being rested and refreshed. I'm trashed, and I still have three more loads of laundry to do.

Can't blame the kittens. Can't blame the daughters. Can't blame the elderly mother-in-law. Can't blame the spouse who had to work last night.

Only one person to blame. Me.

I have never learned how to say no.

When my mother-in-law asked to come here for Thanksgiving and make most of the food, I said okay. When The Spare said she would cook the rest, I said okay.

Except neither one of them lifted a finger to help clean up. And then there's the regular laundry, and the special queen-sized bed change. (How even the comforter got dirty I haven't a clue.) There was the obligatory entertaining needed to amuse the mother-in-law. Worries about Heir's health, which is tenuous. And I had to go to the doctor too. Sandwiched in between washing dishes. Pots. Pans. Plates. Silver. Because of course you have to use the good china on Thanksgiving, right?

All you young readers out there, start a trend.

1. If you don't invite someone for the holidays and they want to come, here's what you say: "Sorry, but I've been working really hard, and I want to rest."

2. If your kids or significant other are accustomed to lavish traditions, here's what you say: "We have to streamline here. I can't do it all. I can't even do half of it."

3. If someone offers to help you do it, don't believe them.

4. Look in the mirror and say, "No." Practice. Say it 1,000 times. Write it on a blackboard until you fill every space, like Bart Simpson.

No more. No more. No more.

The life you save may be your own. Just. Say. No.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're right, Anne. Only Martha Stewart can do it all and that's only because SHE has servants!

Lavanah said...

Firstly: I hope the Heirs health gets better!

Secondly: Make holiday assignments. And YOU choose which assignments you want before letting anyone else choose!

Thirdly: Always remember to stash away a little bit of your favorite dessert to help you recuperate after everything else is taken care of.


lighted candle and sent up prayes for both you and the heir...
when my sons married their wives the first thing i did was take their mouths and form the word no. said to keep doing it till they got it right..they had to learn to say no to some things..hmm, wonder if thats why sons are divorced from them?...

Hecate said...

Hope you and the Heir are ok

Sarita said...


In my family our "feast" was fairly small. Larger than most meals, but still small compared to what others were making. (Mom didn't really feel like cooking, and I really only felt like making lasagna.) And, no in-laws, because they all live far away and don't visit us.

Tori said...

Haha, I'll keep those things in mind! I have a hard time saying "No." So I'll have to practice that one.

Best of luck recuperating!

THE Michael said...

Is it I, THE Michael, the celestrial scapegoat, who has to ask the "big elephant in the room" question? Fine, then let ME, THE Michael, fall upon the sword and the Heir OK? Must we work magik in our next rites in her favor? You know we MUST if Heir is even the slightest off key.......we love the Heir because we love the ANNE. Send me a private email if necessary, but I in all my mighty inebriation this night needs to know that Heir is alright!!!!!!

Sorry, Anne, but have fan=base, will travel.......

da said...

It was pointed out to me one time, many, many, MANY moons ago, that the good china should be used when eating with those you cherish most - your family, every day...Following the logic that your best should always be for those you love most - not those you see once or twice a year.
If they can only be bothered to come around once or twice a year, why do they deserve you best..? It should be used/shared/given to those who are there day in and day out, loving you when life is beautiful and, most especially, when it - and you - are not...

dawtch said...

I was told once, many, many, MANY moons ago, that the good china should be used for those you love best - your family. Used every day, and not for those who come around once or twice a year. If they can only be bothered to come around once or twice a year, why do they deserve your best..? It should be used/shared/given to those you love the very most, day in & day out - those who love you when life is beautiful, but even more importantly love you when life - and you - aren't...

dawtch said...

grr - I think it posted both comments...LOL just my luck

kimc said...

Re "good china": My best friend's sister says: if it doesn't go into the dishwasher, it doesn't deserve to live. Same with clothing: if it isn't wash 'n' wear, it doesn't deserve to live.

I, also, have trouble saying "no". We had 36 people for Thanksgiving dinner. I got help with both setup and cleanup. But I had to do some of it. and almost all the help came from the females present. Why do guys think they can stand around and talk when everyone around them is working?