Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Brief Samhain Navel Gaze

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where today our teaching skills will be judged by the district superintendent! No wonder we're up and blogging at 5:00 a.m.

Housekeeping: Congratulations to Buzzardbilly, winner of three magnificent vulture greeting cards! BB, I'll be in touch.

It was mad rainy here at TGAB on Samhain. So, of course, one of my jack-o-lanterns gazed at the sky in dismay. (I carved them myself. I don't make a science of it.)

This is the Shrine of the Mists, done for a rainy Samhain. I had other plans for it, but the weather didn't cooperate. On the other hand, here is an interesting phenomenon.

I bought cheap votive candles for my pumpkins. I had trouble getting them lit. When I did get them lit, however, they rocked on with maximum longevity. I suppose I lit the one pictured at about 6:30 p.m. I put his "hat" on so the rain couldn't get in to snuff the candle. Wow, that worked!

When I went to bed at midnight, The jack-o-lantern was still glowing. It was both lovely and eerie in the dark night. I decided to let it burn. The grass was so wet, and it was on the shrine, so I figured I wouldn't start a forest fire.

Mr. Johnson is a night owl. When he came to bed at 2:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, he reported that the pumpkin was still burning. I got up and looked out. Sure enough, I saw an orange glow, two little eyes and a crooked mouth.

I went to feed the horse (that's what I call using the loo at night). When I came back to bed a minute later, the pumpkin's flame had extinguished itself. Isn't that interesting? If you don't think so, you've wandered to the wrong site. Go talk to Rush.

Final photo: Gnome Henge, the annual gathering of lawn gnomes in front of Chateau Johnson.

Now I must go and prepare for my day teaching school. Please keep me in your thoughts. We need this job I was lucky enough to secure.


Tori said...

Great pictures! I like Gnome Henge and your pumpkins. Good luck today!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice pix! Wishing you all the best today!

Lavanah said...

Keeping you in mind for the best possible outcome today.

And thank you for the pictures. Younger Daughter and I have been working on the idea of an outdoor shrine, and we had been wondering what yours looked like.

Maebius said...

I wish you luck on teaching tests,
and know you will have done your bests.
That's all that counts, the effort pulled,
for classes where the teacher's Schooled.

/end puckish poet channeling. :)
I'm sure ya did great Anne!

Maggie said...

I'll be sending positive energy your way today! I had to teach in front of the Super before and I know it can be nerve wracking.

And I love your shots of the jack-o-lanterns!

"Gnome-Henge" will make me giggle all day long!

Gruvkitty said...

Gnome Henge is the best thing I've seen all week!

Best of luck with the teaching evaluation. We all know you're awesome - it's so obvious! I hope that superintendent falls in line. Good energies coming your way.

Buzzardbilly said...

Those pumpkins rock and gnomehenge should be a national landmark!

Thanks for the cards. You have an award at my site this morning!

Hecate said...

Just imagine the superintendent sans underpants!


oh i love the punkins...and babs would freak out over the gnomes..she and nitwit think they steal your souls..ha
candles lit prayers sent

THE Michael said...

Anne, I just might conduct a circle fully in honor of YOU, because you have enriched my life with your blog, and I honestly think the world is far better off with you in it rather than becoming buzzard bait before your time (no disrespect to the Sacred Thunderbirds). Thank you for the wonderful pics and the thought processes that make you so halariously unique! Blessed Be!

Maeve said...

I really like your shrine. :) Gnome Henge makes me smile too! I don't think spouse thought I was serious last year when I said I needed gnomes for the yard. lol I'll have to show him Gnome Henge. :D

Best wishes with your job!

kimc said...

How'd it go?