Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Day

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About ten days ago, my friend Nettle left a message on her Facebook inquiring about a ride to Pennsauken. She said she needed to go to an animal shelter there to see a dog that was up for adoption.

Thus began a faerie-guided adventure.

Turns out (no coincidences with the fae, remember) that the shelter Nettle wanted to go to was the one where I volunteer. Sunday last, I picked Nettle up at the El stop in my town, and she, Spare and I rode over to the shelter.

Nettle tried several dogs on for size. There was "Badger," a white showy sort, brimming with personality and vigor ... and highly sought after by other potential adoptive families. Then there was "Cara." Shy. Great big, scared eyes. Cross between a pug and a chihuahua -- so, essentially the size of a cat.

I rooted for "Cara" from the beginning, because she seemed like the kind of dog who could languish in a shelter for months because it was difficult to get a read on her personality. I just had a feeling, though, that "Cara" was a good fit for Nettle.

I suppose the faeries felt the same way, because last Wednesday Nettle adopted "Cara," and yesterday Spare and I helped Nettle take "Cara" to her new home -- Philadelphia!

"Cara's" history indicates that she was transported north from South Carolina. Talk about culture shock! From Dixie to Philly in just five months ... via scenic Pennsauken, New Jersey!

After we finished filling out the paperwork on "Cara," we took her to the car for her journey out of Jersey and across the bridge to the City of Buzzardly Love. That little charmer just sat on Nettle's lap and gazed out the window with an adorable curiosity. Then she got tired and settled in for a snooze. From the first moment "Cara" seemed totally at home with her new person.

I tried to give "Cara" a crash course on living in Philly, but she didn't seem to understand when I told her to say "Boooooooooo" and "Dallas sucks," and the ever-popular "Yankees suck."

The sun was setting when we drove up Market Street past Drexel University. I said to "Cara": "Well, doggie, this is symbolic, you see. The sun is setting on your previous life, and tomorrow it will rise on a whole new era for you."

Sure enough, this morning it is perfectly beautiful here in the Delaware Valley. Not a cloud in the sky!

I feel blessed to have helped a dog find a home. This was a new experience for me. All of my experience of the Almost Home shelter is kitten-fostering. Bring them home, pamper them, take them back. It was refreshing to see how careful the staff at Almost Home is about choosing good owners for deserving pets. My kittens must all get good families as well.

Speaking of kittens. This is where the faeries really went into overdrive.

While I was waiting for Nettle to finalize her adoption of "Cara," I had to ask. I just had to ask.

Any "hissie spitties" in the cat room?

Oh yes. Four weeks old. And the staff was worried that they might get sick from being around the other cats. Would I take them?

So in addition to bringing Nettle's dog home to Philly yesterday, Spare and I took possession of two semi-tame, fluffy kittens named Reba and Ramsey. The idea is to keep them away from the sick cats until they're eight weeks old, which will be just about ... Yuletide.

I'm leaving it up to the faeries to alert the Yule elves that two kittens will be ready for delivery on December 24.

Is it any wonder that Spare and I broke our pact not to mention "that holiday" and drove home from Philly yesterday singing festive songs of a certain season?

What a happy day! Love is in the air.


greekwitch said...

OOooohhh! The kitties must be adorable! It sounds like you had a marvelous day. Thank you for that post, i needed some good news.
Brightest blessings!

yellowdoggranny said...

me and goddness love you..

Dancing With Fey said...

Sounds like a good day. :)

I've just got to ask -- someday (like when I'm out of college and have a place of my own rather than living with my parents) I'd like to foster cats. I love cats, like to do community service, and combining them seems like an obvious choice for me.

Is there anything you'd want to tell someone who's looking at fostering cats? I've already picked up some things from your blog and from hearing other people who foster animals talk, but is there anything in particular that a person who's looking at fostering cats would definitely want to know about ahead of time?

Again, this would be a few years down the road for me, but I'm already thinking about it so I wanted to ask.

Buzzardbilly said...

Yay for Cara getting a new home in the City of Buzzardly Love!

But, double yay for you and the spare getting to tame two adorable hissy spitties for a new holiday home.

My yellow cats were litter mates from a pregnant mama rescued from the city dump in the middle of winter. I was still married to the Brit. He used to put on leather welding gloves to play with two 6-week-old kittens.

I believe we know who the real pussy in this story was, huh?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wonderful post! May Artemis smile on you for helping Her creatures!

Anne Johnson said...

To anyone thinking of fostering shelter kittens, here are the realities:

1. You must be able to deal with it when they get sick and die. In your house. Over the years I've lost about a dozen, some under very trying circumstances. Each time I vowed I would never foster again...

2. You must be able to say goodbye. It gets easier over time. Because if you don't say goodbye, then you're a FOSTER FAILURE. They won't give you anymore kittens after that.

3. You must be able to deal with not knowing where your kittens have gone and how they're doing.

4. Also, you have to be willing to give them all kinds of medicines and deal with sharp claws and stinky messes.

If you can do all of that, just call the nearest animal shelter. They all need foster parents. Some people foster injured animals. To me that would be the ultimate kindness one could do for an animal.

Nettle said...

She is settling in remarkably well - the cats have successfully put her in her place in the pet hierarchy (below the cats) with minimal drama and no blood drawn. She does not bark when left alone, her housetraining is good, she is friendly, sweet, happy, walks politely on the leash, and is happiest when curled up in a little ball on my lap. She is a terrific dog and I am amazed to think that such a suitable little apartment dog spent so long in a shelter. I guess it's the lot of the introvert to be always overlooked, but I'm glad she's mine.

My word verification is "ressequ". Hah!

Dancing With Fey said...

I hadn't thought about #3 or giving medicines. Thanks!

And I'm glad to hear tat the dog is doing well! :)

Maebius said...

Horray for Cara finding a great home, and you for your Service towards more hissy-spitties. :)

Alex Pendragon said...

You didn't?! You AND the Spare actually broke out in (the songs whose names shall never cross these lips)?! How COULD you?!!!!!

Have a happy Thanksgiving, Anne.