Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What's Easter Without It?

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we figure the straight and narrow path leads to nowhere! Promenade on the boulevard! You might meet a bored deity well worth knowing!

Easter draws nigh, and that means my daughter The Spare and I will be making a little sojourn to see my sister out in the old home town.

Many weird things have been happening to Sis since I put a little faerie in charge of her household. In fact I mean to speak sternly to that faerie (named Grizzabella), because she has overdone her services!

Sis's house is now populated with faeries and their homes, but Sis has not deserted her Christian church. And so, as I am to stay with her on Friday night, I will be accompanying her to her church to see an Easter Pageant.

I don't think I need to tell you what that means. Do I? Because if I do, leave a comment, and I'll go into detail.

Anyway, I gladly accompany Sis to this event, because she is planning to attend the Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm, where she will see a pageant of a different sort.

It's only fair, I think, to go to a Jesus-fest on Good Friday. I've got nothing against Jesus, when push comes to shove. And a Passion Play at a mega-church on Good Friday is likely to be as entertaining as Wrestlemania, when you factor in the people-watching in the stands.

The only quibble I have with Jesus is that he's cornered too much of the praise and worship market. He's like a Monopoly Deity. He should share! Then he would have more time to do for his remaining followers.

And how would we choose who stays with Jesus and who goes? Let Him do it!

Jesus, take yours and leave the rest! We'll contact the bored gods, and in no time we'll have many lovely religions thriving, hopefully without telling one another how to do stuff.

I will be gone until after Easter. But don't forget about me! When I return I'll tell you all about the mega-church Passion Play, and how Grizzabella the Fairy has been misbehaving in my sister's home and checking account!



Sarita said...

Hey, Jesus is a nice guy! It's not his fault if his followers put words in his mouth, and say you must follow him or else.

And I'll admit it - I don't know what you going to see an Easter Pageant means. Perhaps I'm too new to the blog. So, I'll have to ask you to expound on that.

yellowdog granny said...

Jesus is a nice guy. It's his followers I have a problem with..happy easter

Lisa said...

I have no issues at all with Jeebus, but the goons who preach 'on his behalf' make me proud to be pagan ...........
happy festival of rebirth xx

Nettle said...

I am commenting to say that I have no idea what an Easter pageant is. I was actively shielded from Christianity as a child so I'm clueless about the details of practice.

Is it like a Christmas pageant? I know about those - little kids dress up and pretend to be angels and donkeys and the Virgin Mary and such. I know this from comedy writers who think it's cute. If the Easter version is the same kind of thing... I shudder.

Is it what I'm thinking? At first I thought of something involving bunny costumes and egg hunts, but that's my pagan background talking. I'm guessing it's something less appealing.

Anne Johnson said...

An Easter Pageant is essentially a Passion play in which the crucifixion of Jesus and his subsequent resurrection are acted out in as much realistic detail as can be managed on a stage. The intense suffering of Jesus is presented in hopes that the viewers will feel so guilty and responsible for Jesus's plight that they will commit themselves to Christianity. Personally I have doubts that this is the way Jesus himself would have liked to attract followers. What little I believe in the Bible makes me think Jesus was a popular stump preacher with inclusive and socialist tendencies that have mostly been lost in recent times.

Hope this helps.

Nettle said...

Thanks for the clarification, Anne. I am sincerely hoping that it's not like a Christmas pageant and no small children are involved - that was where the shudder came from.

THE Michael said...

I wonder if a passion play involving the destruction of our environment would have as much impact? Especially the part where we ALL DIE due to runaway climate degredation...............

Maybe if we get Biance' to play Mother Earth.......

Laura Jean Karr said...

Have a good time Anne, can't wait to hear the report when you get back!