Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fairie Festival Press Release

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Don't be wary ... follow a faerie!

Here's a lovely description of the upcoming Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm. It is an event not to be missed, unless you live in another country.

If you come to the festival, look for the Leader of the Mountain Tribe. That's me. I want to meet you! Extra jelly rocks to anyone who says they read "The Gods Are Bored!"

This is a “viral” campaign to promote the May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm! Please pass this information along to everyone in your email list, post to your blog, send to any organization newsletter you belong to, anywhere it would be appropriate, anywhere LOTS of people will see it! We want to “infect” everyone with the joy and whimsy of the fairies ;)

The 18th annual May Day Fairie Festival will be a feast for the senses! A sensory overload is more like it! Once you walk through the gate:Your ears will be moved by glorious sounds of all types: drumming…harps…flutes… guitar …beautiful singing…the giggling of children…laughter…happy conversation…gasps of wonder…birds twittering and chirping…Wondrous aromas will fill your nose: exotic incense…fresh farm air…delicious diverse foods…fragrant herbs and spices…floral scents released by fresh spring flowers…Let your eyes be treated to: amazingly creative costuming…the lush verdant nature of the trees in Spring bloom…colorful flags and banners… flowers bobbing in the sunshine…swirling dancers performing for your enjoyment…smiles…sparkly trinkets…a rainbow of colors…Treat your body: feel the lush grass beneath your feet…caress a soft alpaca…move your body to the beat of the drums…indulge in a bellylaugh…try a yoga pose in Natureplace…let a breeze soothe your soul… Once again, the Festival will celebrate the ripening of Spring with:

·Maypole Dancing
·Lively Music
·Parades and Processions
·Coronation of the Royal Court
·Artisan Marketplace
·Hands-On Crafts
·Fairie and Gnome Village Tours
·Bubbles and Fairie Dust
·Spirited Dancing
·Fairie and Nature Spirit Workshops
·Fairie Tea Parties
·Diverse Food Vendors
·Drum Circles
·And Much More!

When: May 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2009

Where: Spoutwood Farm Center 4255 Pierceville Rd Glen Rock PA 17327 717-235-6610 www.spoutwood. org

Admission: May 1st: Children 12 and under are FREE Adults: $15 May 2nd and 3rd: Adults: $15 Children 12 and under: $5 Children 2 and under FREE Three Day Adult Pass available at gate for $30.

Volunteers who sign up for and complete a two hours shift will get their admission refunded. Parking: $5 per car in lots on Pierceville Rd Handicapped parking available at entrance (first come, first served).

About Spoutwood Farm:Nestled in the rolling landscape of York County is Spoutwood Farm - a family owned farm and part of the Community Supported Agriculture program, supports more than 100 families with organically grown food throughout the year. Spoutwood Farm supports sustainable living practices and offers workshops and classes in streamside ecology, mead making, medicinal herbalism and more. Spoutwood is a 501©(3) non-profit organization. www.spoutwood. org.


Maebius said...

Me, my kilt, and kin, will be there!
Hopefully with a Nettle with us as well. :)

Pom said...

Sounds like it will be a wonderful time. It's a bit out of my mileage range but hope everyone who makes it has a great experience.

Anonymous said...

My family and I haven't missed the Faerie Festival in 7 years, but I wondered if something shouldn't be said in regard to the 'angry greeters' who have posted themselves along the fence for the duration of the Festival for the past 2 years. I am, of course, referring to the 'Bible-reciters' who call out to everyone that walks by, telling us and our children that fairies are demons and that we are worshipping satan. While their words tend to turn a knife in my side, I don't like to hear people respond to them negatively, as I feel it only cements their opinions of us, but they do tend to frighten people who are unaware of their presence there. I was particularly pleased last year to see a bagpiper playing her heart out in an attempt to drown them out. It was working. I just think that, maybe, if they are continually greeted with only kind words, smiles and happy thoughts, maybe they will eventually give up and go home. While this has never happened in the last few centuries, I am trying to be optimistic here.
Blessed be!

Sarita said...

A bagpiper playing to run them off? Oh my gosh -- that's good! Yet another god use for the pipes! I live with a piper, so I guess I know what to do the next time I have trouble with the kind hearted people who want to save my soul. :P

yellowdog granny said...

i'd give my left tit to be able to go...almost worth moving north...yeah right..haha
but am emailing the information to friends who live in the area.

Anne Johnson said...

I didn't see the protesters last year, but I know that they frightened my Roman Catholic niece last time. I won't engage with them, but I will remind members of the Mountain Tribe that going to a faerie festival doesn't make you a Pagan any more than going into a garage makes you a car. Those people don't know what a disservice they do to the faith they claim to support.

Maebius said...

Hmm, I don't think I ever encountered any protesters last time I went, but if I do see some this year, I'll be sure to smile and be nice. :)

dawtch said...

Ok, I put it on all my blogs! Wish I could come :(

Amber said...

It is wonderful to hear that the bagpipe player used music to drown them out. That's the spirit!

I'll be there, in costume, smiling and waving to them :)

Off to blog about this myself...