Monday, April 20, 2009

My Worst Weird Trait

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," weighing navels in the balance and finding them wanting! Ever taken a long, hard look at yourself and said, "Gosh. I should change that." And I'm not talking about a sweaty t-shirt!

My worst weird trait is that I hate to buy stuff off the Internet.

It is even worse than that. Sometimes I'll read about a charity on the internet, and I'll procrastinate about sending money to it, even a check.

I don't do PayPal. It gives me jitters.

The reason I bring this up is because I want to get some crystals to hand out at the Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm.

For those of you just joining us, I have the honor of being Leader of the Mountain Tribe at the festival. I am totally exhilarated by this! On Friday May 1, I will be participating in a serious Ritual to start the proceedings. On Saturday I will have myself, a Herald, and two princesses to help me. Sunday I get to make a presentation to the May King and Queen. Sheeesh. Lil ol me. Who'd a thought?

So I'd like to have some token to dispense to anyone who pledges Mountain Tribe.

Here's the weird thing.

At the flea market on Saturday, the Pagan booth had a stack of small quartz crystals. Quarter apiece, five for a dollar. Well, I'm going to need many more than five. It looked like the people running the booth had about 100-120 total. So I asked them, how much for the lot?

The lady at the booth got all huffy about it, gave me chapter and verse about getting them wholesale, etc. etc. etc. And I know that. I'm not unreasonable. These people are trying to make a living, for the love of fruit flies! I tried to make it absolutely clear that I didn't want to bargain them down from a profitable offer. But the lady just couldn't get around the negativity. She wanted to argue, where a simple, "Sorry, we make more selling them individually" would have done nicely.

And yet, when she said forty bucks, I would have bought them ... if I had forty bucks on me. But we were at the flea market, and I hadn't gotten my Avon yet, and Spare only has a good time if she can grab gaudy earrings by the truckload.

I came home and did a little surfing, and I found a mine in Arkansas that sells crystals by the pound. For a little more than forty bucks, I'll be able to get enough little crystals for ten Mountain Tribes and their little dogs too!

So why am I sitting here, anxiously fingering the keyboard instead of just buying the doggone things?

1. I'm cheap.
2. I'm lazy (pocketbook is downstairs).
3. I'm cheap.
4. It's a hassle ordering stuff online.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Gonna do it. Right now. Crystals by the pound. Magic in a box from Arkansas.

Come on, Anne. You can do this. Can't you?


Pom said...

You can do it.... just beware of the convenience bug that tends to bite online shoppers.

Crystals sound like a wonderful gesture. A worthy purchase.

Goat Yoda said...

Ann, I buy wholesale......and last summer, I bought a 55lb., that's right, 55lb. bag of crystals from TIBET!

I have most of them at the Cosmic Ties shop, and some of them went to the Great Smoky Mtns. Peace Pagoda for their garden (this is the place Rosie talks about where you 'turn right to go to the Buddhist temple and left to go to the snake church), but about 10 lbs. of the smallest ones came home with me- not counting the ones I kept for myself.

If you need a bag of Tibetan crystals, just ask......I have a big ziplock bag of them, many of them double terms- and some needle points and some tabbies.....

Or better yet, drive down to TN and pick them up! Well, but really....I'm a lot cheaper than those AR crystals and besides- these have been well played with and found truly fun and for faeries already....

Lisa said...

the sad thing Anne is that once you start buying online it is very hard to stop........

yellowdog granny said...

snap out of'll be getting a box of crystals from arkansas for $40...go for it..

Quin said...

A box of crystals for only $40? This is something I need to look in to, as the tourist caves around here sell stones for 0.50 a piece, and sneaking them off parks in pockets just seems like stealing from fairies. And photography needs more gemstones.