Friday, February 20, 2009

Yep, They're Mad

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" I'm your host, Anne Johnson. Anne Johnson is my real name. I was born with it, and I like it immensely.

When I complained about the high cost of FaerieCon 2009, I expected the faeries to seek revenge for the damage to their vanity. Ah, so correct! A family conflict will keep me from attending Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm on May 3.

But soft, o ye fae. Who doth this punish the most, pray tell? Me, or thee? Do not lengthen thy punishment to include May 1 or May 2! Else those who suffer will be you!

I've been thinking about fun festivals that I've attended. No, I won't start a meme, but feel free to make a list of your own favorites if you like.

First it might behoove us to define "festival."

A festival is not a fair. Fairs have rides and games and quarter-a-card Bingo. And prize-winning Angus calves. A convention is not a festival. It may have festive moments, but its aims are to extend the attendee's knowledge of a specific topic or interest. The Daughters of the American Revolution excel at conventions. But you would hardly call what they do a "festival." (Alas, even the word "funeral" fits better than "festival.")

In order to qualify as a festival, an event should be held outside, or in an enclosure with easy access to the outside. It cannot get too big, numbers-wise. (Woodstock springs to mind.) Festivals are generally loosely structured, allowing attendees to stroll. Many great festivals center on the product for which an area is famous. There's actually a little town in Pennsylvania that has an annual Mushroom Festival. And Yellowdog Granny writes lovingly of the annual festival held in her town, West, Texas. I am soon to be featured at the East Coast Vulture Festival. Now there's a festive occasion!

What I'm trying to say is, some activities are best left to festivals. Faerie interaction is one of these. You can't tell me that any self-respecting faerie would want to spend a long weekend in a concrete convention center in Philadelphia, or a carpeted, soundproof Mariott in Maryland.

There must be a few faeries who will go anywhere and do anything for some attention. *Anne cringes* But these faeries must have issues. The majority of faeries, given their druthers, would gather in a clearing and dance in a ring, not caring a whit whether humans join in or not.

Gotta fly. Time to teach.

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Hillbilly Fairy said...

Amen to all of that! Esp. the part about the concrete.
Well you know my favorite festival already so let me just whisper MAy Day Fairie FEstival!
My second fave is my hometown festival, that homage to APPLE BUTTER. The Apple Butter FEstival is held every year over Columbus Day weekend here in Berkeley Springs, WV. To salute our favorite condiment, we stir huge vats of the stuff on the square, as well as squeal like pigs (the Hog-calling contest), grow our beards (the beard contest), and race our turtles. Of course there is a parade, and many vendors.

We used to live in Takoma Park, MD which has a wonderful Folk Festival every Fall, but we also loved the Street Festival. I'm not sure they still have it. And while we're talking urban festivals, the Adams Morgan FEstival is an amazing melange of cultures and frenzied activity.

So there are some of my favorites! I'm really sorry you won't be there on Sunday, but let's definitely make some hangout time Fri/Saturday.