Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Asherah Wednesday Again!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" My, how time flies when you're having fun! Is anyone having fun? Me neither.

This blog has been around for awhile (like its author), and early on it got a visitation from the Goddess Asherah. If you're not steeped to the plimsol line in Old Testament scriptures, you might not have heard of Asherah.

Don't feel bad about that. If you haven't read deeply in the Old Testament, you're probably not as warped as the next dude, who has.

Asherah was God's first wife, before the Blessed Mother. The ancient Israelites, women especially, kept little shrines to Her in their tents or around their cooking areas. (No finer calling than being a kitchen witch!)

Then a priest named Hilkiah decided to muddy the waters a bit. Among his other accomplishments, Hilkiah found the Ark of the Covenant, i.e. the Holy of Holies, sitting neglected by all but some enterprising spiders, in a corner of a poor temple (probably his). Armed with the relic, Hilkiah declared war on some of ancient Israel's forgotten treasures. Asherah got the shaft.

Asherah statues were declared sinful and exterminated. Slowly but surely, Her name became forgotten by Her people. Then she got bored. You would too if you could no longer whip up an innovative little lamb stew while doting on the tots rolling around the tent floor.

Where is Asherah today, you ask? That's a sad one. You see, some Goddesses who were bored have become rediscovered and worshipped again, by their original names and everything! But not Asherah. When last I saw her, she was still selling knockoff Prada bags on a cross street between Park and Madison in Manhattan. Maybe it was 57th. I don't get to Manhattan much, so I can't be sure.

We at "The Gods Are Bored" don't do much preaching, but if you can find a place in your heart and/or on your altar for Asherah, Sacred to the Ancient Israelite Peoples, she would really appreciate it.

This just in: Asherah says don't worry if you can't find a reason to worship Her. This downturn in the economy has produced a bigger market for knockoff merchandise, and her kiosk is doing okay.


Celestite said...

I celebrated the last full moon with a circle that invited Asherah to join the festivities. A whole bunch of interesting incense holders were dedicated to her that night, along with some great chocolate.

THE Michael said...

Next you'll be asking us to help rehabilitate another darling of the Christian construct.....Satan. I think I'll pass.

However, if it pisses off the Pope, I MIGHT consider adopting her........hehe..........

Lavanah said...

She isn't totally forgotten. Some of us still bake cakes for her. Raisen cakes, specifically. And our children thrive. Just as the women protesting those prophets in the bible said.

(now why would my word verification code be "delete?")

yellowdog granny said...

I'll have to get the Goddess to hang out with her...something she would enjoy...so..if she was god's first wife...did they get a divorce?...who got the house? the kids? the furniture?..inquiring minds want to know.

Lisa said...

the comments are as good as the post !

Maebius said...

This was a welcome smile on today's over-stressed morning!
Why do I suddenly see a Prada-knockoff becoming a temporary altar-piece this week.. *chuckles*
Thank you Anne! I needed this post. :)

sageweb said...

Very cool post. Comments are very good too.

Medusa said...

Oh, she's coming back! There is now a yahoogroup that includes Jews and Pagans and whomever else is interested in what is being called "Goddess Judaism;" the list is named in honor of Asherah. There are also a number of books published in the last few years authenticating that Asherah was worshipped by the ancient Hebrews (and that she was not just a pole, as many Biblical "scholars" have previously insisted.) One of these that I found fascinating is Did God Have a Wife: Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel. by William G. Dever. If interested,see review on http://medusacoils.blogspot.com/2007/04/review-dever-book-about-asherah.html