Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sacred Thunderbird Blogging

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" When February doldrums set in, it's time for the fabulous, mystical, uplifting and otherwise highly spiritual East Coast Vulture Festival! Get your ticket now, and learn the Secrets of the Sacred Thunderbird!

Tonight I am driving to Wenonah to practice our annual Vulture Shamanic Dance Routine. (It's different every year.) We dress up like buzzards and do a little routine for the congregation. (This is last year's photo. That's me in the front, in the big mascot costume.)

Those of you who've only been here a short time haven't heard about the Monkey Man. Suffice it to say that he's the kind of guy who can dress up like a vulture and do timed wing-flaps at the drop of a jester's hat. So I recruited him to the flock. He's my first official Thunderbird convert. (Okay, well, he hasn't stopped being a Quaker. Yet.) He and I are going to have a slice of pizza, and then we're going to make the trek to Wenonah, do a little sacred flapping, and drive back north again in time to get some decent shuteye.

Yesterday when The Spare and I went to the zoo, we saw the Andean condor. A little sign by the condor's flight cage said: "In many parts of South America, people still celebrate the myths of divinity associated with this bird."

Myths? Myths? Tell me what's more sacred than a Thunderbird. Go ahead. I dare ya.

Wish me luck learning to flap in time to a rap.


Sarita said...

If I lived in that neck of the woods I might want to go.

As it is, I'm on the west cost...where we have no wild vultures...yet.

THE Michael said...

An Inuit might suggest the Raven......

Please don't hurt me.......

Servitor Lucem said...

"Tell me what's more sacred than a Thunderbird."
I don't know, an Avanti? What year Thunderbird?
Ok, it's dumb, but how could I resist?

Anne Johnson said...

Here at TGAB we have fun fun fun till our daddy takes the T-bird away!

Lisa said...

one never knows what that will find on your blog Anne....
the facinates me- kind of like a divinly charged chicken dance........
Lisa xx
still laughing x

yellowdog granny said...

i hope you take pictures..lots of pictures.

Anonymous said...


I will cede the status of godhead to the buzzards (at least they do something useful) but I'm liking hawks these days.

I left my house one day last month and saw a hawk "lunching" in my backyard, on a pigeon. I only wish it had been a skwerl.

It always amuses me when people think condor's are magnificent birds, until they find out that they are related to our own turkey vultures.

word verification "slumbox", boy is that a misnomer for this fine blog!


sott'Eos said...

Remember, "myth" doesn't mean "false". Those stories are myths because of their subject matter. They might be true. They might be false. It's quite likely, they are True-but-not-factual.

Thalia Took said...

Before you fall you have to learn to crawl
You can't see heaven when you're standing tall
To get the whole sky
On the ground you have to lie

I remember now
I remember now
Why they call it Thunderbird
Why they call it Thunderbird

Thalia Took said...

Whoops, hit return prematurely. That would be They Might Be Giants' song Thunderbird.

I was going to put this verse up, too:

We like fun, me and my girl
We'll have fun, fun, fun until
T-Bird takes her dad away