Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tale of Two Bad Monicas

Once upon a time, there was a great white house, with many people coming and going inside. As it had twisted corridors and numerous rooms, the white house often played host to bemused and befuddled people who weren't quite sure which way was west.

As you know from peering into your own dark closets, little mice like to scurry about and grab what they can while no one is looking. Thus it was for the Two Bad Monicas in the big white house. They were very, very bad -- so bad that it's sad.

The Bad Monicas both dreamed of the day when they would be as successful and sought-after as their predecessors, The Two Bad Mice (Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca). You may well recall that Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca wasted a white house when no one was watching. What they didn't destroy they dragged off to their den.

Our first Monica, better known as Lewinsky, preyed upon presidential prick, not within a deep recess of the white house, but right smack in the centre of the big, oval nursery. This greedy Monica couldn't eat her fill inside the white house, so she took something home for later. Lo and behold, the popular president plunged in the polls, dragging the Democratic Party with him into the depths of despair. Bad Monica left in her rear only rack and ruin, and a blue dress that probably doesn't fit her fanny.

Our second Monica, chaste and Christian, cheated charmingly by creeping through the Justice Department (another big house, I think this one is red brick) and chucking everyone who ate bleu cheese. This Monica, Goodling by name, conspired to conscript Conservatives into corner offices, from conspicuous to cubicle. Oh my! She did it too! And what a mess -- just like the blue dress.

What havoc they wreaked, these Monicas -- squeak squeak! Our nation's a wreck. Go ahead, take a peek.

And so our two Monicas, let no one say they're dumb, made mincemeat of those old mice, Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb.


yellowdog granny said...

do you think their life would have been different if they had been named grace or glory..?

BBC said...

Gotta give her credit for entertaining us with a blow job in the White House. We do love to be entertained.

BBC said...

Damn, we deserve something for our tax money.

THE Michael said...

Ann, you dirty little poet you......hehe......I'd want you syndicated, you are so real, but then you'd be famous, and far too shrill.........

damn, now you have ME doing it.......:)