Thursday, July 17, 2008

At Play on the Social Network Site

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" It's great to see all of you here today. And for those of you who are new, well, hello. I'm Pastor Annie, leader and Grand Poobah of the Great Church of Every Deity!

Our agenda at this site? Resurrection! --- of any and all ancient, new, or very recent pantheons who've been shoved aside by One God zealots. One is the loneliest number. Everybody sing ... I wanna hear a choir!

Jesus' General, poor misguided Conservative that he is, always is talking up this spot called Second Life.

Have you heard of Second Life? Because I like the General so much, I actually screwed up my courage and took a look at Second Life. It's one of these virtual worlds. You can pick a new name and better looks, shed those pesky pounds, and flit around meeting people ... all without ever leaving your comfy computer chair.

But there's a catch. You've got to earn money on Second Life.

They lost me. I can't hardly earn a buck in my First Life. Now I've got to go shove around and rake in largesse in some virtual world? Pass.

However, maternal necessity dictated that I had to open a Facebook.

Facebook is a little different. It's just sort of seeing who you can connect with by whatever obscure (or close) connections you generate. I don't live for Facebook, but it's kind of fun to go on my home page and see my assortment of friends. There are Pagans, and inlaws, and Appalachians, and locals ... it's a lively mix.

If you have a Facebook and you want to be my friend, I use the same name (Anne Johnson) and the same beautiful portrait you see on this site. I am Anne Johnson from Philadelphia, which narrows it down from 340,000 to about I guess 600.

Yellowdog Granny has found me, and so has Elvis Drinkmo, so I guess you can track me down on Facebook.

The only reason I'm touting my social network site today is because I successfully posted the fabulous YouTube "Vulture vs. Phone Book" on Facebook. I couldn't get it to work here.

Our operators are standing by to be your friend.


yellowdog granny said...

i have myspace, facebook and never go there..well, to leave messages for my daughter and granddaughters...other than that?...nada
hell, all you have to do is google yellowdoggranny and there i be..

BBC said...

It's great to see all of you here today.

You quack me up. Quack, quack, quack.

I'm not starting anymore sites, none of this is going to make any difference, I'm going camping. In the morning I'm headed to Victoria for Cher's birthday bash, will camp in her back yard.

THE Michael said...

I'm going to start a social network called "Assbook".

All you need is access to a xerox machine...........

sageweb said...

I have never checked out facebook...but I will..just cuz

Raevyn said...

I can't find you Anne *sob*