Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Why Democracy Doesn't Work ... Again

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Well, two outta three ain't bad.

Sometimes people say stuff that is of such monumental stupidity that it literally takes your breath away. And when you think that such people are allowed -- nay, encouraged -- to vote, you understand why we get fascists like Dick Cheney in positions of power.

I've been going in for treatments on my hip. The treatments last about 15 minutes. And try though I might to keep the subject from turning to politics, the (presumably educated) technician who gives me my treatments just wants to rant.

She hates Barak Obama. She hates his name. What kind of name is that for a president of the United States? She says he's Muslim, he was sworn into the Senate on the Koran.

When I wouldn't budge from my position that I'll vote for him if he's the Democratic nominee, she encouraged me to read the Koran. And get this: Even after I told her I don't like mean books like the Koran and the Bible, that's part of the reason I'm a Pagan, she just kept on ranting.

Says she: "Obama doesn't have enough experience to be president. He's only served two years in the Senate."

Says I: "Abraham Lincoln didn't have any more experience than Obama. He spent one term in Congress and couldn't even get re-elected. He lost a Senate campaign."

Says she:

Are you ready for this, readers????

"Well, this country is more complicated now than it was when Lincoln was elected president."

Pinky swear she said this.

Yeah, as president, Lincoln had a real sleigh ride. Easiest eight years in the history of America. And I'm sure he enjoyed his many years of retirement in Florida, too.

Now picture this pie-faced moron in a voting booth!

H.L. Mencken was right. Democracy doesn't work because stupid people vote stupidly.

So, jot that down in your history notes, kids. Our nation's politics are more complicated now than they were when the whole fuckin' shootin' match split in two, and then both sides fought over it for four years.

Moron. Moron. Moron.

I've got two more treatments to go. Next time I will wear my full Pagan regalia, if for no other reason than it might help me not to become infected with idiocy.
Photos: Gettysburg Battlefield, Andersonville Prison Cemetery


Big Tex said...
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Big Tex said...

Wow. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want someone that dumb having any sort of a role in anything related to my health. Was she a Republican or a Clinton supporter? Some of those Clintonistas have gotten pretty deranged. Here's an example from YouTube.

Anne Johnson said...

She's a Clinton loyalist, and if she's typical, the Dems are sunk.

Anonymous said...

One day home sick I decided to watch Jerry Springer to see what all the fuss what about. And while watching it suddenly hit me that these people vote. Or at least one presumes that these people get off their butts and vote.

That was when my head exploded and I realized that it's a crap shoot.

sageweb said...

It is sad people are so brainwashed. That thar technician believes what she hears on the devil box. She should turn it off, and read your blog instead.

THE Michael said...

If ONLY the aliens would come down and conquer us, keeping a few of us as pets till such time that we actually EVOLVE to the point that our brains actually THINK!

Any supporter of Hillary who would DARE vote for McCain out of spite needs to resign from the democratic party and go be stupid with the rest of them. What ARE these people thinking?

OH, I forget.......they don't.........

yellowdog granny said...

makes ya wanna just rear back and slap the shit out of them don't it?..people should have to take an iq test and pass it before being allowed to vote..

Came to Live Outloud said...

I can't wait to hear someone saying that Obama resigned from his church (not because they had bat shit crazy preachers, or anthing) because he is joining a mosque and being truer to his nature. It hasn't happened yet, but I know it's coming.
I live in East TN, and I can tell you that I hear over and over how these people would rather have that "bitch Clinton woman" than that "n-----r Muslim" anyday. It scares me that they will now run to McCain as the alternative.

BBC said...

Democracy doesn't work because it is driven by the nine year old in the person that is voting.

Your home is not a democracy or the spare would be running it by getting voted in as president. Well, she could pull that off if there were three kids in your family, or one stupid adult.

Luna said...

I wish I could rant like you. I know I was supposed to be outraged, but really, I found your telling of this story hilarious. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

They should allow people a small stipend(like ppl on welfare) that they waive their right to vote. you should also have to take a small written IQ test, in English. If only smart people voted corruption would decline sharply. Oh and we could turn Detroit into a permanent lanndfill (since this post writer has found out that Detroit already is a landfill).

Anonymous said...

"Democracy" in the US has become more of a debate over political party warefare than actual democracy.

Instead of members of the house or senate voting on what he or she feels is best for their country, they vote along class lines like sheep.

The republican vs democrat party lines were the worse thing to ever happen to this country.