Monday, June 09, 2008

Mortals Suck

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," saving energy by frying eggs on the sidewalk!

Hot weather always makes me search for the bored god of Blind Rage. If you know him/her, please tender an introduction.

It is so hot here where we live that the public schools closed down at noon today. A message alerting parents went over the emails yesterday afternoon.

As word spread through the Middle School-osphere, my daughter The Spare got the following instant message:

School out at noon. Thank God for global warming!

The Spare was infuriated by this sentiment. She exhausted every expletive I've taught her (a colorful string of invective). She said someone ought to tell the polar bears that school gets out early, so they'll be happy about it too.

I can't imagine why any deity would want our species as a praise and worship team.

Yours with blind rage,



Evn said...

Hot weather always makes me search for the bored god of Blind Rage.

Wasn't Odin the patron of beserkers? Maybe you should check in with Him.

I hear He can be a tough audience, though.

yellowdog granny said...

i love you kids...

Big Tex said...

The god of Blind Rage - that's Bill O'Reilly, isn't it? No, wait, he's the god of Dumb Rage. And Loofah Sponge Mitts.

Regarding the heat: been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Of course, I'm in Texas, where that kind of weather is normal. Up north, not so much. I have a hard time understanding the people who continue to deny global warming in the face of so much evidence supporting its existence. I've seen the climate here in North Texas change during my lifetime - I remember when we had real winters, with snow and everything.

THE Michael said...

Now look you guys, don't you realize how wonderful global warming really is? Thanks to the polar ice caps melting, we can get in there without all those pesky ice flows, polar bears, and eskimos getting in our way and we can REALLY suck up some thousand dollar an ounce petroleum to sell to the gotta drive an SUV crowd here in BUSH country where EVERYBODY (that's good, Christian, conservative folk, of course) can live the American dream of a lush green lawn (about three feet square) and a stainless steel barbecue!

sageweb said...

Wow I take it the schools dont have Air conditioning. So they get snow days and hot days..awesome

Raevyn said...

*SIGH* Stoopid humans...

Mama Kelly said...

Im right there with the Spare with righteous indignation.

We too are in NJ and my Eldest's middle school lacks A/C, yest I had to pick her up early as she was found passed out from the heat in the girls room.

They had a half-day today as well so I told her to tell everyone to thank her for the "gift".