Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" on this, Commencement Day, 2008.

Just six hours from now, my daughter The Heir will walk across a stage and get a piece of paper that says she's an adult.

Do you remember this moment in your life, readers?

Mr. Johnson and I are offering The Heir some advice.

Mr. Johnson's is: "The race is to the steady, not the swift."

My advice is: "Be always mindful of your upholstery and avoid all pesky stains."

If you could tell The Heir something inspirational, what would it be?



At June 18, 2008 , Blogger Raevyn said...

Something I've learned working for an automobile dealership:

"If you can't make a fantastic you, you'll make a lousy someone else!"

Be true to your character, Miss Heir, and you will never go awry! Congratulations on your graduation! May your best days of your past be your worst days of your future!

At June 18, 2008 , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

tell her this comes directly from my little ole Texan heart..

At June 18, 2008 , Blogger Pandora said...

Tell her Congratulations, and

Never name the well from which you will not drink.

At June 18, 2008 , Blogger Maeve said...

There's no such thing as "the best years of your life". Every year has something delightful to offer.

And, congratulations on graduating! :)

At June 18, 2008 , Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

Congrats grad!

And, remember that no one will ever get your goat if you don't tell them where you keep it.

At June 18, 2008 , Blogger THE Michael said...

Please, try and save us.

At June 19, 2008 , Blogger wordwitch said...


And -

Remember, there is always more than one way to solve a problem - keep trying.

At June 19, 2008 , Blogger Angela Raincatcher said...


Take advantage of every opportunity, especially the ones that scare you.

At June 19, 2008 , Blogger Big Tex said...

I don't remember much about my graduation ceremony. But then, that's probably because I was good and drunk for most of it.

My advice for the Heir:

Short-term - Don't start drinking until the ceremony is over.

Long-term - Do with your life what makes you happy, not what you think might make others happy. You'll be a lot better off in the long run.

At June 19, 2008 , Blogger JaAnBe said...

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At June 19, 2008 , Blogger Davo said...

umm .."There is more to the Universe than the patch you step on"?

At June 19, 2008 , Blogger Davo said...

(just made that up - but
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann has always been helpful, to me.)

At June 20, 2008 , Blogger Nettle said...

To the Heir: There are lots of things in life that look valuable - money, relationships, shiny things, the approval of others - but they are all worthless compared to your own personal integrity. Don't trade it for anything.

Be fierce about this.

At June 20, 2008 , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

second words of advice..
when you grow up you will find as you go thru life there are and always will be..
more horses asses than horses....
that and the only thing you get when you beat around the ....a beat up bush...

At June 20, 2008 , OpenID dmiley said...

Ok, the single most important thing - some things are cute the first 100 times you see them. The levels to that one are endless.

At June 21, 2008 , Blogger Davo said...

2.. When all else fails, try patience and persistence ..?

At June 25, 2008 , Anonymous Sarah said...

As a 23-year old graduate of both high school and college, here's my advice: The only way to grow up is to take responsibility. Some people grow up early, others never grow up. And while responsibility sometimes seems like a pain in the ass (and it can be), it's also mostly worth it.

Also, though you may work dead-end jobs you hate, live with people you can't stand, and take out more student loans than you can shake a stick at, if you have a plan and a vision of what you want to do and how you want to live your life, and if you continually work towards those goals, you'll be okay.


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