Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Suffering for Barack Obama

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," true blue and Union too!

Clearing the Record: Yesterday's post takes readers to the wrong link. (Oh gee, is anyone surprised by that?) If you want to meet David Miley, go here. I sent you to Jeff Lilly. Sorry, David!

My legions and legions of regular readers will recall that I've been going in for treatments on my hip that are administered by a nurse. The treatments do not involve needles, nor do they involve prescription medications. All well and good, but today I decided I'd rather just be in pain all the time.

You might recall that this nurse was a Hillary Clinton Democrat, fiercely devoted to her candidate. And that would be fine with me, except that the nurse in question has taken her disappointment over the primary to alarming levels of idiocy.

She hates Barack Obama and refuses to talk about anything else.

Oh readers. I tried. I really tried. Look at all the fascinating topics I attempted to steer her toward:

1. How to play the musical saw
2. The odd ways of faeries (a personal fave, usually works)
3. The Snobville Memorial High School Prom, what daughter will be wearing, and her problem finding shoes
4. How nice the students are at the Vo-Tech

Ah, but was she listening? Uh, nope.

She was horrified to hear, for the second week in a row, that I plan to vote for Barack Obama. None of her stirring speeches last week moved me an inch.

Out came all the tired racist stuff again. He's a Muslim. He swore into the Senate on the Koran. He has nothing in common with Clinton in terms of political platform (WTF?). His name. That name. No one should be able to be a president of the United States with a name like "Obama."

Sez I: "Hillary just endorsed Obama last Saturday. Do you mean to tell me that if Hillary walked in this room right now and asked you personally to vote for Barack, you wouldn't do it?"

Sez She: "Nope. I'm gonna vote for McCain. Hillary should have never caved like that. She should have stood up to him and taken all her followers with her."

Sez I: "Do you know anything about McCain's platform? What he represents politically?"

This last led her to declare Obama the Antichrist and to predict Armageddon should he be elected.


I decided that my hip will just have to hurt, because I ain't goin' back to that crazy lady.

It gets worse. I have so taken her rants to heart that I just volunteered for the Obama campaign! Picture me limping to a voter registration drive in Camden, New Jersey in two weeks! The San Juan Bautista Parade -- four hours in the sun, registering voters!

I haven't volunteered for a presidential campaign since 1976. See what happens when we at "The Gods Are Bored" hear the word "Armageddon?"


yellowdog granny said...

oh i would so have bipped the fuck out of her...seriously...
no...really..just whap! right up side the of the managers from another store said that in the bible it says only a white man can lead us and a black man carry's the mark of cain and would bring down exact words to her"what are you fucking stupid?."...she doesn't come to our store anymore..
good for you for being a volunteer...sorry about your hip...

THE Michael said...

Honey, it's not your fault. Too many of us, Americans, that is, have totally lost all traces of critical thinking skills, and THAT will be the death of our democracy.

Maybe we shoud just fight fire with fire and revive that old Republican dirty trick that convinced voters that McCain had an illigetimate Black baby. Makes about as much sense, doesn't it?

Mama Kelly said...

I think your nurse and my father should go out for drinks According to dear old dad if Obama is elected swociety is going to collapse and we will go back to a time where only the rich will be able to afford heat and A/C and food and everyone else (middle class, etc) will just suffer

What do you think? They might hit it off

Livia Indica said...

That's grade A all-American horsecrap that is. I don't blame you for not going back. Is there any way you can find someone else?

Big Tex said...

At this point:

"She should have stood up to him and taken all her followers with her."

My response would have been:

"Yeah, just like David Koresh."

And the conversation would have just gone downhill from there.

Anne, you have my respect, taking one for the team like that. I'm thinking about getting more involved with Obama's campaign myself. I think he's going to be a great president for us, and he's certainly doing all the things he needs to in order to win the election. He's going to have offices in all 50 states, which I don't think has ever been done before. And most of Hillary's supporters are reasonable enough to understand where their interests lie, and are already starting to line up with Obama. He'll win big in November, and hopefully when he does your ex-nurse's swollen head will explode.

Big Tex said...

Mama Kelly:

"According to dear old dad if Obama is elected swociety is going to collapse and we will go back to a time where only the rich will be able to afford heat and A/C and food and everyone else (middle class, etc) will just suffer."

I thought we were already there. :-)

sageweb said...

Oh I am excited for you volunteering that is great! I think to get your mind off your sore hip and that crazy lady is to break your toe...that will hurt so bad you will temporarily forget about everything else. Wow ...I should have been a therapist.

Athana said...

Kinda scary that they let like your nurse through nursing school and out to torture innocents like yourself, anne.

Hope your hip straightens up in a hurry, though. I'll send you some good vibes from over Maine way.

Davo said...

Um, us Antipodeans do get to see and read some unfiltered news occasionally. Can't claim to be a particularly "certificated" political analyst .. but if there were such a thing as "proxy" votes for Barack Obama - you have mine.