Thursday, January 31, 2008

If It Don't Include Suffering, It Ain't Religion

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," suffering for religion every February!
This is what I'll be wearing on March 1, 2008. What will you be wearing that day???

I believe I might have told my five readers that I have a bad hip. The doctor ordered me into Physical Therapy. I was late last night because I could not stop watching a YouTube clip. I must have devoured the sacred footage at least a dozen times. It was sublime. Transformative. Past all bounds of human experience.

If you go to YouTube and search the words

vulture phone book

you'll find a Metaphysical Treasure.

And now, having just had my bad hip shot full of some sort of Barry Bonds-type clear liquid, I'm off to Wenonah to learn this year's Sacred Vulture Dance, which will be performed at the third annual East Coast Vulture Festival, lovingly described below.

All hail the Sacred Thunderbird, etc. etc. etc. Amen.



yellowdog granny said...

maybe you can just cop a ride with a vulture?

BBC said...

As one of your five readers I have to say to heck with the Thunderbird.

Are you ever going to stop beating around the bush and admit that we are in fact god in evolution?

Maybe you can honor everything, but others can't. They have proving that for thousands of years.

Maybe you can honor a christian or muslim god, but don't expect them to honor your god.

Shoot, even me, why should I honor a vulture as a god? It's just a damn vulture, a bottom feeder.