Sunday, January 20, 2008

75 Percent Off Sale

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where one Anne isn't enough! Get that super-clone machine geared up, I can't work hard enough to satisfy George W. Bush. I need two more Annes here to help me out. And they better be as old as me, because I don't want my husband flirting with them.

Have you ever seen a sign on a store that said, "75 Percent Off! Sale Inside!" Then you go in, and you pick up a blouse, and its original price was $475.00.

So let's get this straight. Seventy-five percent off outrageously expensive is ... outrageously expensive.

If I've done my math right (always a dodgy proposition), the above-mentioned blouse, retailing at $475, would still cost $121. Maybe Jenna Bush can take advantage of that sale to improve her wardrobe.

I'm thinking of this because in September, my daughter The Heir will start college.

The other day, The Heir got a letter of acceptance from an area institution. They were pleased to offer her a $15,000 scholarship based on her academic record!

Wow. Yippee!

Alas. This generous college (seeking to boost its lackluster reputation by attracting scholars like The Heir) costs $37,000 a year for tuition, room and board.

Again with the math. We the Parents would be out $22,000 a year to send The Heir to a lackluster college. The Heir has applied to colleges with good reputations that will probably cost us about the same amount.

And where we'll get that kind of dough I have no idea. I hear our president is going to be sending out $250 checks to deserving working folks. Maybe we can put that in the bank, and in 1000 years it will have earned enough interest to pay for The Heir's college.

I didn't bother to do the math on that last one. Sorry. Long day and all that.


Freak said...

You seem to be just a tad upset. Why not try giving the rest of your monies away to the homeless and more poor then you ? Might make you feel better ya know! As it is your starting to sound an awful lot like ole GB himself. Or maybe playing an internet game such as fopr shorts periods may help !!!

BBC said...

She hasn't got to go to college, I didn't. I got into the trades. Many people that go to collage never use what they learned there, if they learned anything useful at all. Seems like a big waste of money to me.

Unless she wants to be a doctor or scientist or get into nano technology or something like that I think that collage is a waste of her time and your money.

Good trades people are getting rare in America, even though I'm pretty much retired now I could find a job in two hours if I needed one.

Building, painting, as a mechanic, driving an 18 wheeler, cooking in a cafe, whatever. And I save a ton of money by having those skills as I don't have to pay others for them.

I suggest a good trade school. Those jobs are always in demand.

Anne Johnson said...

First of all, Freak, I would give more of my money to the poor if I didn't have to give so much of it to the rich. The military industrial complex springs to mind.

Billy, the thought of my daughter driving an 18-wheeler is a hoot. She can hardly handle an economy car. My second-born will probably opt for trade school.

Anonymous said...

Just avoid food service/prep like the plague, there's no money in it unless one of your daughters happens to become the next generation's Paula Deen or Rachel Ray.
Who can afford to pay people to make them food when they can barely afford the gas to get them to work everyday?

yellowdog granny said...

maybe if you get lucky she will fall in love, get pregnant and get married...oh shit..what a horrible thought..even as a joke..

JaAnBe said...

Our children will do what they will do and we will do what we can to help. My son is in his second year at the University of Maryland majoring in environmental policy. He already has moments of feeling overwhelmed by the state we're in, but watching him learn and prepare to fight for Gaia, I'm so proud.