Sunday, December 30, 2007

Time to Write the Cards

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where I'm dreaming of a wet Xmas! Forget white. Doesn't happen in a month of Xmases. Not here, not now. I understand it was different when George Washington was residing in these parts.

If it's December 30, that means it's time to sit down and tackle the old Xmas cards. I mean, write them up and send them out. And this is an odd ritual, because I always dread it and then, when I've gotten all the cute pictures of my cousins' kids and the sweet notes from old folks I never get to see, I like responding to them. Warms up the ol' spirit, dontcha know.

It's not enough for me just to write a cheery note inside each card. (And, I forgot to add, I just got 2 packs at 5o percent off at the pharmacy up the street.) I like to compose a little holiday poem all of my own, just to let everyone know that I still have a pulse.

Nobody on my card list reads this blog. Not one soul. So I'm sharing this with you, having no fears of duplication of effort!

That nativity scene
On the courthouse lawn
Is unconstitutional--
It should be gone.
But if you like it,
More power to ya
Just duck when the ACLU
Moves in to sue ya.

With this post we welcome our new official TGAB photographer, my daughter The Spare! Wait until you see her most recent cake!


yellowdog granny said...

moneys short and times are here's your fucking christmas card...

love and kisses..js

buddydon said...

i lack the pome. did ye rite it?

me n miz bd dont send no seasunull cards, witch we git a few, but ifn we see them folks that sent em, we try to let em know we are gratefull.

Anne Johnson said...

i rote it and am rite proud uv it 2.

laura2663 said...

One of us on the card list reads when she's not busy school administrating!

Love ya cousin!