Monday, December 24, 2007

Whatever You Call It

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!"

However you say it, whatever gods or goddesses or sacred icons or holy handbaskets you worship, have a happy holiday!

If you need faeries to help you with your cooking, take mine. Please.

We at "The Gods Are Bored" have only one Yule wish. If you like what we dish out here at this silly site, please tell a friend or two. We enjoy your company, and we're sure we'd love all your pals as well.

Oh yeah, and if you think of it, lob a few cans of Dinty Moore into the nearest food collection box. My newspapers say the food banks are at all-time lows in supply.

Cherry Swiss Miss!


Anne & spouse
daughters, Heir and Spare
cats, Alpha and Beta (Willoughby the Kitten moved out.)
faeries, Puck, Princess, and Aine
parrot, Decibel
basement crickets as follows:
Cindy Lou
Big Bubba
Little Scratch
Laundry Lubber


yellowdog granny said...

Goddess bless you and your might house of love

Buzzardbilly said...

Enjoy this festive time of year!

Rosie said...

A very happy Yule to you, Anne. And a very happy belated Alban Arthan. May the Oak King bring you joy in the new year and may Dagda and Brighid bless you and keep you. Iechyd da!

BBC said...

Dinty Moore is actually pretty good if it wasn't for all the salt and other nasty things in it.

Our local food bank isn't doing to badly I think, I gave what I could.

And the Salvation Army here still seems to be able to help others in need a lot.

One thing does bother me though (I've spent a lot of time in those lines studying those folks), a lot of them seem to think that they are owed everything without helping others and giving back.

I suppose there will always be bottom feeders that think the world owes them a living though.

Kay said...

Blessed Yuletide to you and yours.


ps - Decibel is the best name for a parrot that I've ever heard of!