Sunday, December 16, 2007

Puck Gets a Duck

Welcome to "The Faeries Are Bored!"

It's me, Puck. Your luck.

Anne has gone to the home of a friend to make Wookies. Anne's friend is a good church lady, so Anne hopes they can avoid all magick falling into the Wookies by chatting about other things. Like the weather this morning. It's socks.

So, Tra la la! Here I am, pink like Spam!


Chess buffs boasting like a bunch of liars
Cracked crust slipping from your nose...
Stool-sized barrels being flung from a wire
And folks dressed up like Eskimo pies.

We three rings of oily tar
Whereon slips your favorite car.
Yield and countin'
Hit the mountain
All 'cause of oily tar.

We dish you a berry mishmash
We dish you a berry mishmash
We dish you a berry mishmash
And a crappy new beer!

Now bring us some figgy pudding ... (I like that line!)

I'll be loam for Christmas
You can plant on me.

And now, for my personal favorite...

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walkin home from our house Christmas Eve,
You can say you don't believe in Santa,
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

Some Mishmash carols don't need improvement.

Berry Mishmash for now!

Oh yeah, I forgot! Anne wanted a duck for The Spare. The Spare has a thing about ducks. So I found a cute duck for Anne at the thrift store. Now the Spare will get a Mishmash gift!


Athana said...

Puck just helped me break my alltime record for longest chuckle. You go, Puck! And a very berry set of winter holidays to ya!

yellowdog granny said...

berry mishmash to you also.
may the Goddess bless you and yours...

Evn said...

Now bring us some figgy pudding ...

Isn't that just the funniest line ever? The only Mishmash carol lyrics that crack me up harder are those of Good Kind Wenceslas.

Because, sure, it's an inspirational hymn, but WTF are they talking about?


(who knows damn well what they're talking about, but who still gets Teh Giggles over the words)