Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Cat Blogging

It's hell being a foster kitten mother. You've gotta be made of steel. That's why it pisses me off so much when ignorant moron fundies accuse Pagans of slaughtering kittens.

See these three? I nursed them through roundworms and kitten digestive disorders. I bottle fed them and rubbed their cute little ears until they did their cute little kitten purrs. They got a little bigger, I let them run and wrestle around my feet. I let them climb my leg and sleep in my lap.

I took them back to the animal shelter on Memorial Day weekend. They're still there.

To all who would insist that my religion sanctions cat murder, I say, go adopt those kittens and bring them up in a nice Christian home!


mama kelly said...

If I could have a 3rd cat I would be happy to take one home to our happy pagan household.

The little cream colored one is especially calling my name.

I hope they all find a good home soon

Mama Kelly

Jarred said...

I'm shocked they're still there. Kittens that young tend to fly out of the animal shelter here.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I know what you mean Mama Kelly. We have six cats and my wife has placed a ban on me- otherwise I would gladly adopt three more (we have some land where I live).

As a Humane Society volunteer, myself, I would also like for thsoe pagan bashing Christians to consider what their Bible tells them about being good stewards- please have your animals spayed or neutered!

Hecate said...

Goddess guard you for your wonderful work. Bast herself will bless you.

Thomas said...

Apparently you didn't get the memo. "Kitten" is the code word for the human babies we're secretly breeding in underground crypts for the express purpose of sacrificing to the father of lies.

This is, of course, only after we trample on the cross, gang rape a virgin freshman from Bob Jones University and then all kiss each other on the asshole.

Someone from the dark synod should have updated you about the change of verbiage. You should take this up with your local anti-bishop at your next gay wedding, bible burning or bake sale.