Saturday, July 14, 2007

Can't Beat Dick

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," waiting for our invitation to open a session of the U.S. Senate with a prayer to Chonganda!

Chonganda has a praise and worship team of ONE (that being me), but I'm an American, and I have the right to hear my deity get his day in Congress. Fair is fair, as long as we're praying in ... PRAYING IN THE SENATE????? For the love of fruit flies, when did they start doing that? Was the ink dry on the Establishment Clause?

Tomorrow the Johnson family leaves for its annual vacation, an ambitious trek to St. Michaels, Maryland (less than 3 hour drive). None of this jetting off to Namibia to see Griffon Vultures or anything like that for us! Oh no. We just lick our chops over breathing the same air as Dick Cheney, Donnie Rumsfeld, and the newest neighbor in search of quality waterfront ... Michael Jackson.

The Spare lobbied relentlessly for this vacation destination because there are two cute dudes living near the B&B where we stay. That would be the B&B with all of Bill O'Reilly's books in its reading room and the Washington Times in the breakfast nook. And the photo of Dubya in the kitchen. Bibles on every nightstand.

It gets worse. I thought the new Harry Potter came out today. Nope, it's next week, when I'll be back from vacation! I've already slurped up this year's Carl Hiaasen novel. So this throws me back on yet another dreary Dan Brown rip-off that I bought at the flea market today.

The good news is that there's so little to do in St. Michaels that I'll beg to spend an hour every day at the local library, blogging my lungs out. So tune in, because you'll want to know what flavor of pie I heave at Dickie or Mikey or Rummy if my kayak strays into their protected waters.

There's also bound to be a few copies of Christian Male (or whatever that magazine was called), lying scattered around the breakfast nook. Those things are cotton candy to "The Gods Are Bored" when it comes to blog topics. Brings a whole new meaning to "Can't Beat Dick," if you get my drift.

Imagine a vacation where the high point is reading stuff you hate so you can blog about it. Actually I am just weird enough to be cool with that.


Aquila ka Hecate said...

Enjoy your family on vacation!

(Just to make you feel bad)I haven't been on holiday in more than 20 years.

Actually, I hardly notice the lack, as every day is a Holy Day here in Joburg.

Terri in Egoli

BBC said...

Can't beat dick?

Oh yes I can.... LOL

Weird enough for ya?

Hum, vacation, can a retired person go on a vacation? Is camping and hiking mini vacations?

I have a great dandelion crop this year, and Helen's yard is even better. Hugs

Hecate said...

Well, you could put spells on little rocks to make whomever walks past them long for peace. Then you could scatter them all over the island. Just, you know, in case.

St. Michael's is lovely. I hope that you have a great time.

BBC said...

"The good news is that there's so little to do in St. Michaels that I'll beg to spend an hour every day at the local library"

So little to do when camping that I get to connect with the cosmos better.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

May Batgirl and the Martian Manhunter look over you all on your trip, Anne- you know just in case you run into the Joker.

LaPopessa said...

I guess it's all in your perspective (then again I haven't stayed at that particular B&B). But I love St. Michaels and any spot on the Eastern shore that gets me near the ocean, bay and water. I can sit for hours looking at the water and the insanity of the world and work melts away. It's how I rejuvenate myself.